Episode 12 - Releasing Old + New Stories

January 07, 2020

Happy New Year and thank you for joining me for the first episode of 2020! With each start of the new year we always feel the “new year, new you” push where we feel like we have to start taking control of each part of our lives to make this year our “best year yet”. I’m pushing back against that noise and, in this episode, I’m sharing about how instead of trying to control more aspects of my life, I’m shifting the focus to let go and truly give myself the permission for my life to flow.

This episode starts with my expansion on my final Instagram post in 2019 on letting go and how this year was the first year in my life where I felt I was able to achieve that perfect level of flow, show up how I wanted to without judgement, and surrender the rest during our busy and obligation filled holiday season. During the final week of the year, I truly got lost in breath work and found myself in a state of being where I felt like I had let go of control. It was in this loss of control that I was able to clear blocks and stories that I’ve been telling myself that are no longer true.

So, as you listen to this episode, I urge you to reflect back on the past decade and think about what you are choosing to let go of with the start of this new year. Choose to create a new story. Let this new year wash you clean, but remember that you can allow this beautiful act of surrender to happen at any time and not just at the start of the new year.

In this episode, I muse about:

  • Reflecting over the holiday season and the 2010s
  • Letting go of rigid thinking
  • Using breathwork to allow yourself to let go
  • Starting fresh in 2020
  • How water allows us to surrender

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This week’s question is:

What stories from the 2010’s do you need to leave behind and let go of?

Resources from the Episode

In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

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