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Episode 19 - Feel to Heal

March 21, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Episode 19 - Feel to Heal

Coming to you live from day 7 of the shop being closed due to the coronavirus, and this has felt like the longest and shortest week of life. Also, maybe the most challenging and yet peaceful. I wanted to share a reflection of the state of things and what I’m doing to stay healthy both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I touch on: 

  • How this feels like a shift from individual to collective focus
  • How to navigate the pressure to do alllll the things right now: meditate, workout, read, start a business. I suggest turning to trusting your own gut to know what you need and when you need it. 
  • The beauty of both giving and receiving support and looking at life through the lens of “how can I serve others / the collective?” and knowing you can do this best when you first are taking care of yourself. 
  • Is this all about healing our heart chakra? 
  • Affirming: “I am safe, I am supported. People want to see me succeed. I am part of something larger than myself. I am taken care of. I am enough. I have enough. All is well. I trust the process. I trust the universe. I trust God. I trust myself. I trust I always know what to do.” 

MY constants that have moved me through this week - but find what works for you: 

  • Each night checking in on the blue mind book club. Seeing the ocean is cathartic. Hearing about water feels beautiful. facebook.com/wallacejnichols
  • Movement - walks, yoga, whatever i feel like vs. having a set routine. THOUGH following a routine if that’s what is right for you.
  • Daily meditation & prayer
  • Lots of writing - business and otherwise
  • Sporadic breathwork
  • Checking in with people - receiving and giving support when I can. Creating strong boundaries around this as well.
  • Laughing & getting into the feelings of joy. AKA: dolphins in the Venice canals. All the really heroic and kind gestures being shared. UPDATE: Apparently the dolphins AREN'T real. 
  • Cold water swims
  • Telling myself that i’m safe and healthy, as often as i need to hear it. 
  • Daily hypnosis and sound healing frequencies:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXQ7-6XopUk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja4tqY2LfZk


I wrote apost on this, so take a look there fore more links. I also surround myself with beautiful things that keep me high vibe: crystals, flowers, cards, etc. I like to let God connect with me through them. 

  • Praying / meditation.
  • Repeating the affirmations listed above.
  • Breathwork
  • Movement
  • Nature / water



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March 22, 2020

Loads of helpful info! And permission to slow down. So wise, honey ❤️

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