Episode 7 - Ebb + Flow

November 27, 2019

This is very much a busy season in life right now, and I am FEELING it. I’ve been in the space of forcing myself to be productive and in all of this forcing, it's interesting to pause to think about the ebb and flow of the seasons in our life.
There is ebb and flow to everything. We are so used to the force and the push, but what if we start making space for ease and treating it with just as much importance? I want to make sure that when I push myself I am pushing myself with the intention of moving towards one of my core desires.
Give yourself permission to go with the flow. Push when you want to, but also make space take breaks. From moment to moment, pay attention and feel what your body is needing.
In the moments when life feels like it’s not in flow, pay attention. This is likely a lesson you need to learn to know when what you’re doing is not right for you. When you find yourself in these times of force and misalignment show gratitude and go into everything with intention and the faith thatwhat’s for you will not pass you.
In this episode, I muse about:
  • Being intentional and making space for ebbs and flow
  • How the seasons we’re in can influence how we perceive the situations
  • Building our life around our core desired feelings
  • How gratitude plays such an important part in allowing us to go with the flow
Join the Conversation
A weekly podcast is great, but the conversations that happen after keep this fun going.
This week’s question is:
The next time you feel like you are stressed out and pushing in this busy season stop and ask: what is something I can do right now to have more fun?
Resources from the Episode
In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

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