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April 25, 2019

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I was sitting at our tiny cottage kitchen after a morning dip when the words rolled off my tongue, "long live lake life." Duh. Lake Effect Co. had come to mind almost a year earlier and as the logo was starting development, I wanted to anchor it to something that embodied my love of the water and our need to support and preserve this precious ecosystem.

mae stier lake michigan

Photo via Mae Stier

 Our new LONG LIVE LAKE LIFE design brings this phrase to life with five endangered or threatened species native to the Great Lakes region. Not all are threatened across the whole area, but the point is, when any part of the ecosystem is in danger, you know others are too. When any part collapses, the entire system is at risk.

long live lake life lake effect co

As we make choices on and off the water, I want us to be reminded of our love of the lake and how each choice ultimately impacts the watershed. Let the Piping Plover, White Pelican, Lake Huron Tansy, Skipjack Herring, and Rayed Bean Mussel serve as the happy reminder that we all play a part in maintaining the ecosystem that brings us so much adventure, joy, fun, and healing.

The LLLL design is available as:

Sticker, tea towel, ladies tank, kids unisex tee & adults unisex tee

Tank & long sleeve are carefully sourced from eco-conscious manufacturers. Tea towel is USA-made*

How can you help:

Get started here on our Eco-Conscious living page. 

Be confident your purchase is going to a greater good. 5% of all site sales goes to Surfrider MKE.

Further species info:

Piping Plover

White Pelican

Lake Huron Tansy

Skipjack Herring

Rayed Bean Mussel


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