LAKE DAY Packing List

July 30, 2017

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LAKE DAYS are meant to be fully lived. Skiing, swimming, buzzing, napping, reading, fishing, tubing, splashing, snacking…

But without the right prep, it’s easy to fall short in multiple of those categories, or simply to set yourself up for a sunburn. When packing up my car or boat tote, there’s rarely a time when I make it to the water with all the things I meant to bring, so I started keeping a running checklist that I could reference in order to reduce the prep stress and spend more time living large on the lake.

Download a version of the packing list below right here. And don’t forget to download our "LAKE DAY" Spotify playlist so you don’t  waste data when you’re outside of the wifi zone. Jump in, friends!

LAKE DAY Packing List


Wine / beer


Fresh fruit

Charcuterie board. I love this one.

Trail mix. This is delicious.


Protein/granola bars. These are my favorite.

Pre-made sandwiches

Veggie + protein kabobs/roll-ups


S’mores or other snack bites. See our LAKE DAY Snacks Pinterest board.


Beach towels

Boat tote

Polarized sunglasses

Bottle/wine opener. I prefer this one.

Cash/credit card

Clothespins for food bags closure

Inflatables/noodles. I love my watermelon floatie.

Koozies: Lake Day, Go Fish, Skinny Dipper, or “Land of the Free, Home of the Wave” styles.

Life jackets

Cooler & ice. Classic YETI or try a version on wheels for easy transport.

Deck of cards / book

Paper towels

Pocket knife

Trash bags

Ziplocs or dry sack

Phone waterproof case

TP - you never know. And these are environmentally-friendly...


Cover-up / spf shirts or our "Land of the Free, Home of the Wave" tank


Swimsuit. His or hers.

Hat - LAKE DAY style works best ;)

Dry / warm clothes. One of our ¼ zips or a windbreaker works great.

Water shoes



Bug spray. A natural, deet-free version that works.

Bandaids / First Aid kit

Lip protection. Any flavor will do.

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