Waves of Gratitude

November 22, 2019

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I will admit, I’m three for three on procrastinating writing this post and planning my approach to the holidays. In years one and two, I decided to take a stance on the Thanksgiving Holiday shopping situation that was slightly non-traditional. One sale, for everyone, that was consistent throughout the entire duration of the week with an extra oomph on eco-efforts for Giving Tuesday. Spend time doing the things you love, with the people you love. Don’t spend it searching for promo codes and refreshing your inbox for the next sale. I felt great about that. 

And as I’ve thought about this year’s approach, that will remain the case - so if you’re just looking for the details, have at ‘em and Happy Holidays: 

25% with code GIVELAKELOVE

Free shipping on all orders

Gift with all orders over $150 (choice of gift or in-store gift cash in-store) 

I went round and again in my thoughts over this. 

Close on Black Friday? REI closes on Black Friday. 
Try one of those fancy tiered buy more, save more things?
Double my donation to FLOW - For Love of Water?


The list I’m not sharing is a lot longer than this, and we put a lot of heart into thinking it through. But ultimately, a year-round 5% donation to FLOW is a serious commitment of cash to a fledgling biz, and a steeper discount only makes it harder on us to operate, which in the scheme of things also keeps us from doing the things we know we’re here to do. And also, figuring our promo codes and category discounts and anything more than a flat percent off is hard to manage both in our store’s online backend and especially in our new brick & mortar. 

And since I didn’t know how to proceed, I chatted with a mentor who had me answer a series of tough questions: who are you trying to be, as a brand, over the holidays? How do you want your shoppers to feel? When they buy from you, what intrinsic value are they receiving? How do you enhance their holiday experience? How do you enhance their life experience? What does your brand bring to the table in general, and will the frantic energy and deep discounts take away from your peace of mind, your margin, and your ability to serve your purpose? What feels easy, impactful, compelling, of service, and fun?

And those questions made me pause. And then I called all three of my living grandparents to hear their voices and take myself back to the memories I have of holidays growing up. And then I cried. All I felt was the warmth of those memories, the rosy cheeks, the belly laughs, the giant bows in our hair, the games, the french onion dip, the big hugs, the imperfectly perfect LOUD singing. Beyond their religious meaning, the holidays are about friends, family, generosity, gratitude, and love. The gifts we give are an extension of our love, a gift of our thanks, and a gesture of “I know who you are, I want you to be seen, and allow me to delight you”.

And when you shop Lake Effect Co., you are giving them that. Chances are you are selecting something that represents a shared hobby or interest, or simply you just know how they feel about water, nature, adventure, etc. You’re showing your thought, your heart in considering how and what both of yours beat for. For little ones you’re gifting your support in protecting our natural resources for their generation and the ones to follow - and you’re planting the seed of this important work early. For someone young (maybe only at heart), you’re honoring the lifetime they’ve spent pursuing their passions and joys. You know when you shop with us, you can say that you supported a company that consciously sources their products, that gives 5% of their sales to support the Great Lakes, and who has a heart that literally beats for protecting what we love. 

So when I reflected on all of that, I asked myself again. What felt good? 

25% with code GIVELAKELOVE

Free shipping on all orders

Gift with all orders over $150

Why isn’t the 25% automatic? Because you can choose to use it or to leave it. We’re honored to be a part of your holidays at any price point, and we’re grateful to assist you in showering those you love with delight.

Images via @naturalintuitionphoto

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Bruce Corner
Bruce Corner

January 06, 2020

No story on the guy from South Carolina who showed up at your store on the day after Turkey Day, had mimosas and spent too much money. I finally ordered a “Lake Effect” shirt from your website. What store in South Carolina carries your product?

Regards…………..Bruce Corner.

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