We've gone around in circles with inventory in the last two years. It seems that every time we go all in on sourcing with 100% eco integrity, a partner goes out of business or a pandemic happens that limits our access. As these eco-manufacturers ramp up, they create hefty minimum order quantities that create a barrier for us to buy in. People and businesses are allowed to shift gears and have their own preferences, but it's no longer sitting right with us to purchase gear that's not fully, verifiably responsibly sourced. 5% recycled material? Not going to cut it. WRAP certified, that's not enough just on its own.

Some of these items were just bought, restocked, but a change of heart has come on strong, and if you've been around the brand for a bit, you know I'm not one to shy away from messages of the heart.

As such, everything currently in stock that we don't feel great about, is 50% off. All sales are final, but let's clear this out to make way for better brands to fill in. These were many of your favorites, mine too, but this transition is long overdue as we demand better from manufacturers instead of letting them get away with the bare minimum.