Shoyeido | Incense Sticks


Responsibly made incense sticks from Shoyeido. Their unique blends are the timeless, natural solution for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the home. 

  • 5.75" sticks burn approx. 30min each.
  • 8.75" sticks burn approx. 50min each. 

Tranquility |

A blend of sandalwood and cedar promotes a relaxing, woodsy environment. 1 bundle of 40 sticks, 5.25".

Diamond (Power) | Sparkling sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon, and ginger lily shape this treasured fragrance. 1 bundle of 30 sticks, 5.25". Approx. 30min of burn time per stick.

Moss Garden |

Moss Garden is one of Shoyeido's oldest and best-loved incense recipes. An impeccable blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and benzoin constitute this enchanting fragrance, evocative of plum flowers blooming by the windows. 1 bundle of 40 sticks, 8.75". 

Cherry Blossoms |

In Japan, the blooming sakura cherry blossom tree is an iconic symbol of Springtime. To inspire visions of spring days, we've artfully combined rhubarb, clove, cinnamon, and other herbs and spices to create this refreshing fragrance. The rhubarb adds a pleasantly tart quality to stimulate the senses. 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 8.75". 

Oboro Illusions Low-SmokeSpecially blended Japanese incense has been formulated to produce 70% less smoke. Good for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. A savory fragrance, Oboro Low Smoke Incense is an alluring mixture of sandalwood, camphor and other aromatic herbs. Each box holds 150 sticks of 5" incense. Burns approximately 25 minutes.

White Cloud

A fragrance inspired by the image of white clouds in a blue sky. Made from a decades-old recipe, White Cloud's high quality, earthy-sweet scent helps bring a moment of inner peace. Appropriate for casual enjoyment and formal gatherings alike. 

 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 8.75". 

First Light | 

Elements of cinnamon, creamy benzoin, and sandalwood comprise this refreshing fragrance, good for everyday use as well as for special occasions. 1 bundle of 85 sticks, 5.25".

Palo Santo Gift SetThis South American "holy wood" has been used in medicine and spiritual practice since the days of the Inca. With notes evocative of citrus, pine, and aged wood, Palo Santo ascends as a new favorite fragrance among incense enthusiasts. This beautiful gift set pairs 35 sticks of Palo Santo incense with a sleek, glazed ceramic incense holder, in an elegant paper box with a window — the perfect, all-in-one way to enjoy the experience of Palo Santo.

Patchouli Gift Set

The ambrosial scent of the patchouli leaf has long been cherished as incense, essential oil, in tea and medicine, and as a mainstay of perfumery. Mysterious, sensuous, and deep, it must regarded be one of nature's most complex fragrances. This beautiful gift set pairs 35 sticks of Patchouli incense with a sleek, glazed ceramic incense holder, in an elegant paper box with a window — it's the perfect, uplifting gift.

Made in Japan

With respect for the environment and a concern for green practices, Shoyeido has procured permits from the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry in Japan, and the US Fish & Wildlife Department to validate that their products are properly accounted for and responsibly harvested. None of their recipes contain animal ingredients and no testing has ever been done on animals!