RED SKY AT NIGHT | Totes, Vintage Sweatshirts & Tees

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Our new for Fall 2021 RED SKY AT NIGHT design (by the talented Eliz Welling of Goodfare ) makes its debut on an assortment of thrifted pieces (by RKVintage here in MKE). These were printed in a limited run batch right here in MKE by Uncommon Wild. Quite the team.

RED SKY AT NIGHT, SAILORS' DELIGHT is printed in black on the back of red vintage sweatshirts with the Lake Effect Co logo at cuff. These are a true red, though the main image appears more orange/red, please see the other images for true red coloring.

Due to the limited number, these are truly one of a kind and final sale. Please ask questions about sizing and be prepared to measure your favorite tops to make sure what you're ordering will be what you want. 

NOTE: The imprints on some look a little worn,  just because the fabric itself took to the ink differently and some of the sweatshirts themselves have minor flaws (not surprising considering these are older pieces). If you like a pristine piece, these are not for you. 

Why thrifted?

Because this is one way to waste less — stop buying virgin goods! True sustainability means using what already is on hand vs creating a demand for more. This means that these pieces are going to have flaws. 

Why the design?

Because we still live by "Red at night, sailors delight. Red at morning, sailors take warning." Read more here.