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there's magic in the water

I’ve always been drawn to the water. As a kid, my heart would ache the entire drive home from our family’s lakeside cottage, and to this day, anytime I’m without access to some body of water, that same ache has been known to pop up. There are so many reasons why the water feels so important to me, but what I’m realizing lately is that natural connection so many of us feel is actually the healing miracle of our cells returning to their natural vibrational alignment - there’s a scientific backbone to why we feel that there’s magic in the water.

 So my job? Celebrate and protect it! The best way to do that - remind you of why you love it so you want to take care of it, and if you’re not at that level yet, help you make the connection that heals you. When something is important to you, you fiercely protect it. This is why I’m here on this earth: to inspire you, by your own connection and healing through the water, to live a life that’s eco-conscious and one where you feel confident that you can thrive in all tides. Happy people do more good. That's why I started this brand. That's why you're here - because you believe in that, too. 

 We, me and mama nature that is, are excited to empower you to Chase More Sunsets, meaning discover your own unique take on a life of health, beauty and adventure!

Are you asking, “ok, but like, HOW?” Great question, and THANK YOU for caring enough to ask. In coming months, information about our podcast and retreat experiences will be posted here and we’ll go full-on NATURE AS YOUR HEALER mode. Meanwhile, engage with me on Instagram where we’re talking about this often, shoot me an email, come to shop events on the subject or join our Reading Club (in real life or online) where our book choices are on the subject of all things discovering your best life by the water. 

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” –Loren Eiseley