Con-lo COMMON | Sage & Crystal Bundles


Sisters-in-law, Allison Schultz and Julie Connell, are the makers and dreamers behind Con-lo Common. Splitting their time between their home-bases of Bend, OR, and Santa Cruz, CA, they are most happy when they are outside, foraging with their packs and creating their next botanical compositions.

Con-lo Common's fire fuel bundles, smudge sticks, crystal kits and sachets bags are inspired by the maker's natural surroundings and intention based living.

Light My Fire Bundles include wildcrafted fire fuel bundle of sage and botanicals bound to juniper kindling board with one crystal.

  • Light My Fire Bundle - Rose Quartz | Rose quartz is used to open the heart chakra to bring a compassionate, comforting, and healing energy. 
  • Light My Fire Bundle - Citrine | Citrine opens the solar plexus chakra for goal-setting, success, and abundance. 
  • Light My Fire Bundle - White Selenite | White selenite opens the crown chakra for enlightenment, emotional balance, good luck, and harmony.
  • Light My Fire Bundle - Desert Rose | Connector, confidence, awareness and clarity. Inspires creativity. 
  • Light My Fire Bundle - Ice Cube Calcite | New beginnings + personal power + trust + motivation + stability + insight + guidance.
  • Light My Fire Bundle - Muscovite Mica | Light + inspiration + possibility + abundance + self-awareness + cleansing. 

RESET Clearing + Burn Bundle includes selenite wand + pine bundle + juniper kindling.