Jali Fruit Co. | Sun-Dried Fruit


Jali Fruit Co. empowers thousands of women farmers across Africa and the Caribbean by transforming fruits that would have been wasted into a flavor-packed snack that will make your taste buds jump for joy - making it better for the planet while also helping feed families and transform lives. 

They harvest from ancestral fields that yield millions of fruits, which would normally go to waste. Now, each fruit is hand-picked and prepared by women-led cooperatives using a modernized ancient sun-drying technique with zero electricity. Use the “Find-My-Farm” label on the sustainable packaging to see exactly where your fruit came from and who helped make your snack!

All bags are 3.5 oz. with only one ingredient - no preservatives, no added sugar. 

  • Party Pineapple | Wild with flavor, you’ll throw a party when you try our sweet pineapple snack (A.K.A. crowd-pleaser, the show stopper, the ultimate hype fruit). Hand-picked and high in antioxidants without preservatives or added sugar, our pineapple is a bold take on what a dried fruit is supposed to be.
  • Mango-Rama | This tropical hand-crafted snack is made from sweet and juicy mangoes that packs one flavorful punch. Hand-picked from ancestral trees our mangoes are sun-dried with no added sugar or preservatives — you won’t be able to eat just one! Smile bigger knowing you’ve upped your Vitamin A and C game.
  • Mr. Jackfruit | The exotic fruit who never disappoints — bold, nutty and sweet in flavor, your tastebuds will be asking for more of this hand-crafted tropical snack. Also, it’s literally the largest fruit in the world. High in fiber and dried without any added sugars or preservatives.

Learn more about Jali Fruit Co.'s mission here!