Otter Rainbow Recycled Cotton Tote

We love otters for so many reasons, the obvious that they're adorable and playful, but also because they're a keystone species indicating the health of the greater ecosystem. 

We paired otters with a rainbow because they are a symbol of hope and beauty both during and after storms. Felt fitting. 

100% recycled cotton totes made to help you live out your mission to take better care of the lakes and our planet by making plastic waste a thing of the past - or at least reduced in your world. 

Made for us by Eco-Bags. Eco-Bags is a certified B Corp with the mission to offer thoughtful, ethically and sustainably sourced, durable-reusable bags that allow people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in. Like us, their business choices are driven by "Leave no trace," and "Do no harm."

tter design on one side (light gray) and Lake Effect Co cursive wave logo on reverse side

  • 19"W x 15.5"H x 5"Gusset (Bottom), 10" strap
  • 6 oz cotton 
  • (Tote pictured is slightly different than the tote style you will receive. Please see second photo for actual photo of that tote)

  • Per Eco Bags site, "Our guiding philosophy is our belief that everyone can make their own best effort to live lightly on the earth and live more gently with each other. We believe we can be agents of change and influence culture by generating & extending these conversations and producing goods to support this way of living."


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