SIN Wild Sourced Foods | Honey, BBQ Sauce, Maple Syrup, Mushrooms


SIN = Sourced in Nature

Wild Sourced, Foraged & Handcrafted Foods

SIN sources, farms, and forages all their foods & specialty ingredients. All of our handcrafted products are made in collaboration with local chefs, and made in small batches- because they believe it simply makes better food. They specialize in wild foods, syrups, honeys, and sauces. 

Right from farms in Central and Southern Wisconsin and the woods of Wisconsin-to your table. These wild-sourced foods elevate taste and appearance of your favorite dishes.

RAW WHITE HONEY: 16 oz. This Honey is collected privately through central Wisconsin, the pure White color is due to the local flowers our bees visit and the fact that no heat is ever added during processing. Pure as honey gets.

All other product info will be added soon.