Stone Pop Sockets | Petoskey & Charlevoix


If you know, you know. People spend entire summers, even lifetimes hunting these precious stones on the shores of Lake Michigan in the NW corner of the state. These Petoskey & Charlevoix stone pop-sockets come attached to a pop-socket grip ready to be adhered to your phone. 

Brush up on your petoskey stones here and here (including healing abilities, like third eye activation). Charlevoix stones are a different type of coral, but the same story applies. Learn more about both stones here, but the gist is this: fossilized coral from Lake Michigan! 

Petoskey Stones appear as ordinary limestone when dry, which is often why it's hard to spot them, but when wet (and then of course when polished) It shows the beautiful coral patterns. Petoskey is an English approximation of Bidasiga, which is a Native American Indian word that means ‘Rays of the Living Sun’. 

"On a spiritual level, Petoskey Stone will bring peace, harmony, and splendor in your life. It will support your efforts to keep your integrity and dignity. Petoskey Stone will draw out the negative energies and assuage your irrational fears. It also has protective qualities, and it will guard you against violence, harm, or illness." source.

Petoskey & Charlevoix Stones (polished) of this size retail anywhere from $30-100.