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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reflection Guide

Visual art meets poetry meets energetics for a sensory and subconscious-friendly guide to the full moon x partial lunar eclipse this weekend.

"Must be a full moon," they say, as they wonder what's making things feel a little wobbly. Enter: the lunar eclipse, known to pack full moon vibes with some extra saucy punch. Eclipses are no joke, and while there's not necessarily anything you need to "do," which was an especially pertinent message with this one, there are certainly some important and helpful things (both for yourself and the collective), to be aware of, to observe, and to not invite any extra wobble into your world.

Reorient yourself. Come home to center. Notice your emotional patterning. Open a new chapter by finally writing the last lines of the one that’s been lingering. Find your role in creating a world where all beings are safe & free.

  • 10 page PDF — 8 pages of SAUCE — available for immediate download

  • 19 questions

  • 2 poems

This full moon occurs with Taurus moon in opposition to the sun in Scorpio, where it is until Nov 21 before moving into the next sign and season of Sagittarius. Scorpio, while watery in nature, is known for intensity, transformation, and ideally looking at pain in order to transmute it for good. It's the phoenix rising for the ashes. Let's underscore something, it's often quite an INTENSE time.

Of equal importance to note, this is the final of a series of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses that first entered the scene in November of 2021. Are you ready to come to some conclusions about this time? What's changed? We'll go there.

Whether you’re “into astrology,” moon cycles or not, reading these words will still activate powerful reflections about this time. I like to remind us that as beings made predominantly of water, by witnessing the way the moon impacts the tides on our planet it’s quite clear to see that the energies are also moving things within us.  From a physics standpoint, much of the “astrological weather” that makes us all feel different at different times is attributed to how our bodies receive the influx of particles called neutrinos that are constantly infiltrating our planet and personal fields. Rabbit-hole as you wish.

This guide is a collaboration between Katherine Gramann and Liz Artist behindGoodfare, soulful designer behind numerous Lake Effect Co designs and Founder Katherine's bookWhat the Water Taught Me!

We bring to you a soul-salve for looking at life as this eclipse is upon us.