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Stockists & Brand Partners

We are SO PROUD of the brand we've built and we love extending our product and designs (aka heart and soul) into shops across the country. It's truly an honor to have official stockists and other brands that have licensed our intellectual property. With that investment, we offer zip code protection so that we can ensure that stockists and licensing partners have exclusive rights in their region.
The Piping Plover— Manistee Michigan
Lake Life Pursuit — Tafton (adjacent Lake Wallenpaupak), Pennsylvania
MOSS — Port Angeles, WA  


Please send us an email at jumpin@lakeeffectco.com or complete this form to introduce yourself and tell us about your brand, what you're interested in, etc. We also love custom collaborations where your branding meets ours — tell us about what you envision for your brand, biz, resort, etc.! We can either set you up with a licensing agreement or get your items printed. There may be a slightly larger charge on your intro order to cover the cost of any design work that's needed. 

While we are listed on Faire wholesale marketplace, you can sign up below, feel free to be in touch with us if inventory is limited or you're not seeing something you'd like — we even love to collaborate on exclusive pieces unique to your brand/shop. 

If you are seeing a design that's been introduced by us without a LAKE EFFECT CO logo or licensing acknowledgement, please let us know so we can take the proper legal steps. 


When shops sell unauthorized versions of our products and designs, we're no longer able to protect ourselves and the brands that have invested in us and our designs. 


We love the idea of community over competition, we also believe in protecting our creations and the value of our brand and the investment in our brand from authorized stockists and partners.


The designs that I’ve committed to and invested in are pillars of this brand. When another assumes the right to use them, consumers may begin to identify the trademarks with another brand, which means my established branding (and any authorized vendors) see undue, illegal competition. My attorney and I keep an eye on this, but some do slip through the cracks, in which case we reach out and determine the best course of action — which varies by situation.

It seems some have embraced the concept of “because I can, I should” when it comes to printing popular or fun graphics on clothing and goods. Drop-shipping, Amazon sellers, and even some small businesses capitalize on the work — whether exact replicas or very closely inspired variants — of creatives across the internet, often swiping into the energy and hard work that they’ve put into creating that asset. Not only is this hard from a business success standpoint, it’s also incredibly disheartening because my products and business model are that of eco-responsibility. When that’s not the case, others may believe they are supporting Lake Effect Co by purchasing an unauthorized use, but in fact there is no association with our brand and those standards we take great care to uphold. 

When I began using LAKE DAY, CHASE MORE SUNSETS, SO COLD, and LONG LIVE LAKE LIFE (2016, 2017, 2017 and 2016 respectively), I scoured the internet to ensure that I was legally in the right (there was no use of these in my trademark classes at the time), received legal council, and discussed with the US Patent and Trademark officials to ensure that I was going about this in full integrity. Those are just the registered marks, but LAKE EFFECT CO has over 45 other common law trademarks which we actively monitor. 

What are some example violations that might not feel like violations?

Things like, LAKE DAYS, CHASE MORE SUN, CHASE THE SUNSET, [ANY WORD(S)] LAKE DAY, LAKE DAY [ANY WORD(S)], "the lake anchors my soul" (vs. our "the lake anchors the soul"), etc. 

 Thank you for your interest, respect, and consideration.