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5 Lessons Learned at the Lake

November 13, 2017 3 min read

5 Lessons Learned at the Lake
The girls of the Northerly Collective are back! In this post on the blog, Becca & Elizabeth share some main takeaways from time lakeside. While we’re on to new seasons and traditions, these learnings are truly evergreen and important to keep in mind whatever the season and scenery. Be sure to follow along for more nuggets of old-soul wisdom from these Northern-Wisconsin-living ladies at the NortherlyCollective.com or @northerlycollective. And be sure to check out the NORTHERLY VIBES sweatshirtwe designed in tandem that captures the essence of these five lessons so perfectly. Thanks again, girls!

Slow down, linger

We all need to slow down, unwind, and give ourselves a break sometimes. The Northwoods offers the ideal space to linger a little longer over a cup of coffee, be mesmerized by the dancing flames of a campfire, and let the gentle breeze rock you to sleep in a hammock. So if you need to take a deep breath of fresh air, point your compass North. 

two women standing on the beach overlook the lake

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing

This is our Northwoods mantra. Since most of the activities that we love to do are outside, we can’t be bothered by inclement weather if we want to make the most of our time at the lake. So bundle up when it’s cold, put on a cute pair of rainboots when it rains, and jump in the lake often when it’s too hot. Just make sure that you get outside every single day. 

two women laughing and hiking the northwoods wisconsin

Look up at the trees, not down at your phone

Limited cell service in the Northwoods is the perfect excuse to disconnect from your devices and reconnect with the people and places you love. While we like to take pictures to share on our social media, the most beautiful moments that happen at the lake (think: sunsets, soaring eagles, laughing with friends, and the smell of a bonfire) cannot be captured on your phone. They cannot even be described using the English language - they must be felt. So take a mental picture and store it away with all of your Northwoods memories.

Go jump in the lake

We believe that cold water heals everything. If you are having a bad day - go jump in the lake. If you are having a great day - go jump in the lake. If it is hot and sunny - go jump in the lake. If it is raining - go jump in the lake (the water is always warmer than the air!). No matter what you are feeling, we promise that if you grab that donut shaped floaty and a cold beverage, there is no way that life can be anything but sunny.

Be silly

Time at the lake reminds us of when we were kids. Becca grew up on the Shores of Trout Lake in Boulder Junction, and Elizabeth spent her summers on the shores of Rest Lake in Manitowish Waters. Maybe you have memories at your cabin or summer camp because you got to be free and silly and authentically yourself. Grab a board game (we love Bananagrams, Pictionary, and Catch Phrase), wear your high school sweatshirt, have a snowball fight, or jump in a huge pile of leaves.

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