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What the Water Taught Me

March 07, 2024 4 min read

What the Water Taught Me

I announced this project here mid-2023, and to sit with a manuscript in hand, albeit one that's about 95% complete, feels INCREDIBLE.

I've read it cover to cover, used it like an oracle deck, and watched people I've known forever page through it for the first time. I've talked about it with strangers and watched their reaction, too. And while I know I don't know what they're thinking, it's often quite clear what they're feeling — peace. That's Blue Mind (see this siteif you don't know what I'm talking about) for you.

This process of bringing the book to life has been an entire education as much about the actual process as in patience, trust, flow, perseverance/endurance, surrender, etc. Sound familiar? Themes you better believe the water taught me, too.

I don't have a publish date, yet, but what I do have is an ask.

Intrigued? Buy a copy for you and/or a loved one! Know someone in the literary or a water-related retail world? Connect me.

Why am I so lit on sharing this? Because it feels like a mission that chose me. I did not CHOOSE poetry, it chose me. The water wanted a messenger, and damn, I'm her. 

On an August day last summer, I was floating on a nearby lake — Beaver Lake in Chenequa, WI — and I couldn't help but snap a few bazillion photos of the sun playing on the water. While I'm normally obsessed with this, that day it felt extra special. In choosing the book cover, I realized that shot was from that day, August 23, 2022. That same morning, I'd taken this photo out of a book (Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak) I picked up randomly that I hadn't connected with in some time. Is this book the product of my translation of nature? Is my entire life? 

Images from that day, which followed a barefoot walk and picking wild raspberries, offering gratitude as I went.

PRE-ORDER HERE. Want to stock it in your shop? Shoot me note: katherine@lakeeffectco.com


I say it, we all feel it, waterfront real estate prices prove it, and science backs it up: there’s magic in the water. In these images and words, you’ll find the codes to meet that magic and unlock it within your own life.

Landlocked or waterside, the energy of the water is available.

I sat with water for hundreds of hours, and found that to observe the water is really to observe yourself. It — and the whole of nature — is the perfect mirror for finding what’s *ripe* for knowing.

Trust that in sitting with these words and images, you’ll feel a stir to find or rediscover something you love. And once that’s active within you, you’ll feel compelled to give it just a bit more time or presence. Or perhaps you’ll realize that it’s time to be more present with life as a whole.

The water taught me that it’s always a good idea to give nature a second glance, or third, or 100th, and that things are almost never quite what they appear to be. Just like there’s so much more available beyond the eye, you may find that likewise, within you, like I found in forming these words, is a hidden gift or two patiently awaiting your tending.

Fresh water, salt water, hot water, cold water — there’s MAGIC in the water. Saying yes to a life honoring this element, this ancestor, this critical factor opened me up to a different version of life, which included intimacy with nature and openness of soul.

The product? Poetry.

150+ pages of images of the water and the words that poured through in relation to the moments documented, which honestly, is wild considering I entered this chapter of life as someone who found poetry TACKY.

Maybe you’ll sense my connection to nature in a way that inspires you to deepen yours — maybe you’re already there and simply want to feel yourself in the energy of a kindred spirit.

I’m honored by your interest.

I’m also honored to share with you that this process has been greatly enhanced by the creative mastery of Eliz Welling of Creative AgencyGoodfare. A water woman herself, Liz has been working closely and generously with me to apply her artistic vision to the project, which has been absolutely such a powerful injection of support. This would not be happening without Liz, so I offer my infinite thanks!

About Me

A hundred titles & hats, but at my core, a visionary and water woman. Writing has always been a part of my story — but poetry is a wild card no one saw coming.

After saying yes to a lake-inspired retail venture, I watched a lifetime of water-love turn into a soul-retrieval of sorts.

Permission to spend time focused on WATER day after day, year after year transformed me from the inside out, and now my focus? Nature, beauty, energetics, life enrichment through the lens of true soul-level health.

We can’t have any of that without water.

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