NEW: The ALL TIDES Podcast

November 01, 2019


I have an interesting relationship with communication. I’m not the chattiest or most outspoken person, but if there’s a topic I am fired up about, I’m on board for a long conversation about it. So earlier this year, I was dreaming up what would help me share my heart in the easiest way and allow me to streamline some of the topics that very clearly were forefront and important to my purpose. Would I rather just write all of this? Yes, but it very quickly felt like a podcast would best allow me to marry my love of the water, my mission for our natural resources, and my passion for inspiring people to find & live their best lives. And this way I can reach you while you're doing life, without keeping your eyes on a screen - you can take me with you in your earbuds.

There’s been one common theme over the past few months, and it’s that there’s power in our stories and magic in the water. As I accumulated a beautiful set of conversations and experiences and humans that all center around these two concepts, the urge to start to put some of these findings “on the record” felt pretty urgent. So the ALL TIDES PODCAST was born. And quickly...because while the concept was born earlier in the year, the writing, recording, and other details happened in the last 48 hours. #blessed to have a team throw this together, but I’m also asking for your grace. If not for any reason other than it’s my Birthday ;) 

The introduction to the podcast includes these lines, among a few others, and I feel it truly carries the essence of who I am right now and what I feel called to do in the year ahead - I turn 33 today! 

The ALL TIDES PODCAST is a venue to share stories and conversations with friends about water as our healer, the importance of protecting what we love, and how time in nature can be both the easiest and the most important mindset work.

Shed the weight of the past, trust the flow of what's for you, and know it's safe and important to thrive in all tides. 

And speaking of thriving in all tides, you’ll hear in the first couple of episodes that: 

  1. The recording conditions for this aren’t perfect and I certainly don’t sound like I want to be introducing myself. I have a brand new apartment with no furniture, so there’s a bit of a ping. 
  2. I make a lot of generalizations and statements about my own experiences. That’s actually the point - for me to share my story and the stories of others, flawed and casual as they may be. 
  3. I "figured out" GarageBand on Wednesday and we’re publishing these on Thursday night / Friday morning, so this was one of those “done is better than perfect moments” that I had to swallow 33 pride/humble pies to be ok with. 
  4. I wrote these while in a highly emotional state of transition, but that’s also how I ALWAYS am. I will also share content that’s more factual and Q/A style with other awesome people, so there really will be something for everyone. 
  5. If a topic doesn’t resonate with you, I’d love for you to share your perspective while also respecting mine. That’s what makes this world so beautiful - we’re alllll so unique and at the root of it all, approaching from a place of love is going to make this experience awesome for everyone. 

So without further ado, let’s get started with the ALL TIDES PODCAST!

Thank you!


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