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October 10, 2018

This best-selling design of summer made its debut in April and was a hit ever since. When you’re a sunset chaser, you feel the tug. Every sunset you don’t chase feels like a missed opportunity to witness greatness. Wearing this design is a reminder to seek what makes you feel that lil tug on your heart and anchor to that concept. Make that a big part of your life. And SPOILER ALERT: it’s not about ONLY sunsets, though I highly encourage fitting that into your routine if that’s what makes you come alive, but it’s about seeking the things that light you up. It’s about taking the time as often as you can, ideally daily, to chase the things that bring you joy. Life can feel busy and heavy and like obligation after obligation, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that we are not on this earth simply to live in a state of obligation. Do more of what you love and do that often.

Life is about more than what’s happening on a grand scale, on a device, on the Internet, in a community, in a far away land, in a book, in your imagination, on the news. Life is happening in the present moment right here, right now, all around you, and it’s powerful what you’ll experience when you’re willing to look up. Life is also fleeting. The sunset reminds us that some moments are happening right now, and there are things you’ll need to put on hold to prioritize something else of importance. Ask yourself, what’s truly important in the tough moments? Is there an opportunity that may not exist in a month, a week, a day, 15 minutes? If it matters to you, you better ensure there’s time in your schedule to fit it in.

I’ve learned the impact of living this way in a multitude of moments, and it fueled me to change my approach to life. This is not a hard thing to do. The impact of situations have been both large and small and the cumulative value of these moments has meant a completely different life for me. In talking about my approach, it seemed that sunsets kept coming up. I’m sure I phrased it differently each time, but it was some variation of this: you can find yourself in this perfectly dreary moment, but when you lift your eyes to the horizon and see the sun and sky working their magic, so quickly you’re reminded of your size in the scheme of things and that while life may sometimes be [mundane, tough...insert downer adjective of your choice in the moment here] there is still beauty. There is still adventure. Oten making time for those (no matter how counterintuitive it feels at the time) will help you get through the tough stuff.”

Sunsets are free, accessible to most, and proof that there are moments in life worth pausing for. Proof that sometimes life is colorful, ironic and shocking. Proof that there is beauty and adventure available to you if you take the time to look for it.

Why do I love sunsets so much? No matter where you are, whether you can see it or not, there’s a few moments where the transition to night brings a pause that allows you to connect with the moment. Another day gone by. What did you learn? What can you take with you? What will you leave behind? Depending on what the sky serves up, the sunset forces you to linger in delight and wonder. Sometimes maybe a tougher emotion, but without the pause, you wouldn’t be examining the emotion to begin with, and that’s often the first step in any sort of growth.

So chase more sunsets, in whatever manner fills you up, and watch your life fill with moments that you’ll want to store away in your heart forever.

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