Dear Mom

May 07, 2018

Dear Mom, By now the neighbors know I’m crazy. Just about anytime a glimmer of sunlight beamed through the windows; I knew a sunset was starting. While you were sick, I used to run down that lake path, just to catch the sun slowly setting sun on the lake. Those sunsets on the lake made me realize that breathing deeply was essential and finding purpose even on the darkest days meant embracing the changes I can’t change. I look at sunsets so fondly because they remind me of you. Even when the skies aren't cotton candy-colored - striking reds and pinks - there's still a calmness that rushes through me.

The lake has also been a place that I’ve gone to for overcoming worry, fears, but also to feel relief. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with the opportunity to grow up on such an incredible lake.While you were in the hospital there were hundreds of people that surrounded me with support, but I couldn’t help myself but to turn away and go to the place that I knew would never let me down…- the lake. Mom, there isn’t one day that goes by that I don't think of you. Your heart is so full and humble that it surprises me how a single human could have that much love inside her. To have a mother with such a tenacious, resilient, indestructible, but altogether strong soul, has been my saving grace throughout my life. It takes a powerful courageous person like yourself to overcome the battles you have faced. Through those battles you never let yourself lose your power. I envy that most about you. There's a word, and it's called a “moment.” Throughout my life, that’s been undoubtedly the one word that I’ve leaned upon to remember during each passing day. Indulging in life's simplest moments no matter how small. We can’t predict what happens tomorrow, 45 minutes from now or in a minute, so follow the breadcrumbs of life until you reach fulfillment. When I think about my future, I feel so relieved that I can look forward to watching more sunsets and remember how with each one, I can feel pain wash away. You gave me that. So again mom, thank you for being my hero and allowing me to have the opportunity to live, grow, and become an avid sunset catcher. Without those sunsets in my life, I wouldn't be as full as I am today.

Love, Taryn xoxox


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Taryn Sherman

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