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July 12, 2018

This post appeared first on Our Travel Passport, a blog dedicated to making travel easier and helping travelers capture their travel experiences in a way that will help them cherish their trips forever. Earlier this summer, Lake Effect Co gave us the opportunity to explore Lake Como, and we were absolutely blown away by the beauty of Lake Como! Lake Como is so serene and quiet and honestly the perfect European escape. We love exploring the cities, but we really enjoyed the peaceful and quiet feel of Lake Como. It was the perfect escape after a lot of long, busy city days. Lake Como and all the colorful Italian homes on the lake look and feel like something straight out of a painting. As you're roaming the streets, every corner you turn almost feel like something straight out of The Secret Garden. From the classic Italian façades to the beautiful gardens all over, there's no doubt why Lake Como is considered to be a luxurious, quiet escape. Which makes sense why people like George and Amal Clooney and Madonna have houses there. Matt Damon apparently also spends a lot of time there. So basically, if it's good enough for all the A-list celebrities, it's good enough for me. Read the full post here!  

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