Yoga + Meditation + The Lake

August 20, 2018

It’s hard to explain “that feeling”. That adrenaline high of a roller coaster at its peak about to fall or the pure numbness when you look out the distance and see a sight you've only envisioned in your dreams. It's that kind of feeling. It's hard to explain, isn't it? But it’s a feeling you will never forget, a feeling that's yours, enduring, and non accessible by others.  Taryn doing yoga by the lake Ever since starting my internship at Lake Effect Co., I’ve developed a deep admiration for the lake life and every little joy it brings. We all have our own ways of escaping the mundane and for me it’s the lake. An abundance of feelings rise to the surface when it's just the lake and me. Feelings of calm, bliss, and serenity like nowhere else on earth, feelings that rush through me every time I step onto the pier, the sand, or into the water. It's called The Lake Effect Feeling. Those feelings may vary from person to person but for me it’s a light heartedness, peacefulness, joy, magnanimity, and even a romantic type of melancholy.  Yoga on the beach If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to breathe deeply, meditate, and stretch on a pier, or on the sand, you must first unconcern yourself with the presence of others. Spend time letting go, be in the moment, no matter the place, whether in nature or in the empty space of your kitchen simply imagining that you’ve found your own slice of bliss. When you're able to achieve "that feeling" you will be able to squeeze even more meaning out of life’s moments. No matter where you start your journey of finding "that feeling", just know that it will be uniquely your own. You can’t equate “that feeling” that you experience with others just like you can’t compare your feelings of love with others, we’re all different. When I achieve the Lake Effect Feeling, I feel the breeze, the waves, the sand in my toes, the joy surrounding me, but most importantly, I feel myself. For the longest time, I felt reluctant to attempt yoga and meditation. It's a whole different world, and I wasn't ready to step into it. It seems like social media has altered some of our perceptions to feel that if we can’t achieve the perfect Trikonasana pose or any pose, then gosh darn it we better not post it on social media or even try it. I don’t identify as Yogi by any means but I do love yoga for its ability to help me achieve “that feeling” of being by the lake, it’s pure delight.. I encourage everyone to seek out and explore life’s moments that bring you "that feeling". As we need dreams to keep us going, we also need “that feeling” to induce ourselves to explore, be adventurous, and to discover those things in life that makes us happy. Don't be adverse to feeling “that lake effect feeling” or any similar feeling. It’s okay to pull over and watch the sunset, and it’s also okay to take venture out in the middle of the lake at 12:00 am and watch the stars, only because you want to. Laugh, cry, breathe, and most importantly feel every feeling you possibly can. Let there never be a time that you question yourself “why”, because the moment you do, you may lose focus of achieving the feeling. The moment you realize you’ve achieved more than just making it through the day, and life's ups and downs, you'll experience what it’s like to feel that spectacular, jaw-dropping, experience. To simply allow yourself to escape, to waste a moment to yourself, brings on experiences that will be cherished. And, share that feeling! Your experience and openness may help others become more comfortable, and in essence, you may have just started a domino effect of the purest good, lake vibes. It will become infectious among your family, friends, and peers. Go out, seek and discover that Lake Effect Feeling, you will never be the same. Thank you ivylane photo co. for the beautiful pictures.

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