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Size + Color
S / Tan
XL / Navy
XXL / Black

Our NEW FOR SPRING 2022 design that features SUNSHINE x3 on the front of a mix of tees (thrifted) with a large sun at back (one of the rays is subtley replaced with LAKE EFFECT CO). These designs were put together with love and good vibes from Michigan's own Goodfare.

  • TAN S/M: 100% cotton. Probably military undershirt. Marked as M, but fits more like S.
  • NAVY XL: Fruit of the Loom and Jerzees tees. Both are 50/50 cotton/poly. True to size.  
  • Black XXL: Slightly faded 100% cotton "Tough T's" brand. 100% cotton


NOTE: In general, if you like a crisp/pristine piece, vintage may not be for you as some fabrics have tiny holes, tears, worn fabrics, etc. We personally love that! 

Why thrifted?

Because this is one way to waste less — stop buying virgin goods! True sustainability means using what already is on hand vs creating a demand for more. This means that these pieces are going to have flaws.