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We’re honored when you’re excited about what we do and want to spread the word. To be honest, we haven't updated this page since 2018, but we're honored for all the mentions along the way. Will update one day :) 
This gorgeous blog about creating an intentional life in Northern Michigan is truly a dream to follow. Our LAKE DAY tee ended up on her list of picks for the summer, and we could not be more thrilled.
Sammy Walsh is a friend of owner Katherine Gramann, as they quickly bonded over the fact that they’d attended UW-Madison, left the Midwest for the coast (Katherine to SF, CA and Sammy to NY, NY), and both returned home to Wisconsin, even more appreciative of the quirks of the Midwest. Did we mention they actually went to the same high school, too? Sammy married the brother of one of Katherine’s good high school friends, though they never made the connection until they collaborated in winter 2017.
Milwaukee blogger Riva Treasure is a good friend of owner Katherine Gramann, and she just happens to be one of the gorgeous models in our Spring/Summer ‘17 photos. Subscribe to her blog and follow Riva on social media for inspiring shots/looks and inspiring Milwaukee adventures!