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10 Minute Guided Meditation | WATER

Take some deep breaths, get comfy, and enjoy the magic of the water for a 10 minute guided meditation.

Again, this is a free download, but you are welcome to donate if it suits you. As the brick & mortar doors remain closed (that's a choice I am making because it feels best to me), we're looking at other ways to ensure we can make ends meet while continuing to pay the bases expenses of our operations. SURRENDERING ;) 


Aren’t ripples, waves, and disruptions to the surface of water simply part of being the water experience? Instead of seeing those changes at the surface as all you identify with, can you also recognize that you may actually be the entire body of water, including the depths, the stillness below, the movement, the calm. All the changes, conflicting parts that somehow fit together perfectly? These are all just gentle undulations in the scheme of lake things. 

Life, meditation, most experiences can also be viewed in this way - the changes and ripples are expected but as we are the whole body of water, and not just the surface, we can be in touch with the stillness below the surface. We can acknowledge the constant change, with ebbs and flows. There is calm available in and below the surface of our minds. 

The water reminds us of the power within ourselves. Allow the water to be with you, empowering you and guiding your actions as you flow through every day. You have a reserve of mindfulness within you that you can call upon. You can go to the water - literally and physically or just in your mind - to come back to this knowing.

When we simply sit, and be, we affirm our ability to relax in awareness and in acceptance, in this moment at hand, all our the unique qualities of mind and body, just as the water are held, truly cradled and contained by our grounding earth, reflecting our beautiful sun, moon, stars, trees, rocks, clouds, sky, birds, light, moved by air or wind, bringing out and highlighting its sparkle, its vitality, its potential, moment by moment…