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BLUE MIND knuckle tatt sticker on a transparent backing, perfect for your reusable WATER bottle. 4.5" x ~3".

Blue Mind has been, unknowingly, very much a foundation of my life. When I first read the words by Wallace J. Nichols in this book, I felt so seen. So many water-inspired decisions had felt confusing until that point — "oh, I've just been trusting my mind, body, and soul needs."

Inspired by the HOLD FAST knuckle tattoos, see below, BLUE MIND on the knuckles is an ode to the water, an acknowledgement of connection to the concept of Blue Mind and all that it unlocks for us. As J always says, "When we undervalue anyone, or anything, bad things happen," so lean into all the ways that water supports your life and naturally watch your lifestyle change in a way that supports the water you love — the water is counting on you to care.

“Hold Fast” written across the knuckles indicate a sailor’s career as a deckhand. It’s said that having “Hold Fast” on each of a deckhand’s fingers would give them the grip they needed to work with the ship’s lines and rigging. –Julia Triezenberg, Columbia River Maritime Museum


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