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Great Lakes Ceramic Mug

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The M A G I C of the water is obvious. The healing power is real. Take inspiration from these GREAT bodies of water as you enjoy your day with your favorite beverages. 

Each porcelain coffee cup is wheel thrown, screenprinted and hand painted with our Great Lakes. Each mug features ONE Great Lake, with a variety of topographic interest + gold dotted lines for some inspiration and flair. I like to think of them as "trail maps".  

  • Approximately 3.5in x 4.5in x 3.5
  • Handwash for longevity
  • Non-microwaveable.
  • *$55 for one mug, not a complete set. 

S a l t  a n d  E a r t h  C e r a m i c s  are designed and handmade by artist Malia Landis.  

Inspired by the sky, sea, and earth, these wares are individually handmade, screenprinted, textured and glazed.  Each piece is everyday durable and has been glazed with food safe surfaces. 

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