Episode 24 - Burning Season

September 21, 2020


An update on the summer season and more info about why closing the Lake Effect Co Pewaukee shop is perhaps the right thing for my soul.
I also share a bit about:
- life in the "burn" stage of the phoenix-rise and how living more presently helps me take advantage of the seasons I'm in WHILE I'm in them versus on the other side.
- why living by your soul and design is an act of self love
As always, I'm available for 1:1 soul / mindset mentorship and coaching at katherinegramann.com
I'm also super into plant / floral essences & teachers, so if you want to talk plant magic and alchemy, I would love to share some of my teachers and resources.
Despite the name, I don't talk about the West Coast fires, which claimed the home of Blue Mind author, and our friend,Wallace J Nichols, but my heart aches for his loss and all the devastation taking place. Climate change is real, y'all. Clean up your behavior!

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March 09, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


September 24, 2020

I freaking love you!!

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