Episode 25 - Body & Soul Reflections on 33 + Starting Chapter 34

November 01, 2020

In this ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode of the All Tides Podcast, I reflect on the last year - my Jesus year - and all that’s changed since I pressed record on my first episode. I work through a long, winding story of what rolling my ankles has allowed me to understand about strength / flexibility. I talk about the shifts that occurred, both body and soul, and I go into what my sovereignty has meant for my faith and ability to love and show compassion. It’s weird, it’s energy, it’s me. HBD to me.
What I don’t talk about is what’s next for me and for Lake Effect Co., and that’s because I don’t know! I’m truly giving myself the space to figure that out as the time goes. It’s also a fully self-reflective episode, so if that’s not your jam, steer clear!
I guess we'll call this the final episode of Season 1.
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