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April 16, 2020


At the onset of all of “this” I noticed a few things, one of which, was that all of a sudden people were engaging with my content. Has my voice or message changed since COVID-19? Since stay-at-home measures? Nope. We’ve been speaking on these topics and from this voice for a long time. Maybe I started to go a bit deeper. I felt existential enough that “who cares” came naturally.“If someone hates what I’m saying, good, we’re not the right brand for them.”

Then I realized quickly that YES it was about my message, my heart, my soul, but it was also about the fact that people had TIME. Time to read. Time to absorb. Time to witness what I was feeling and time to feel the things they were feeling. Time to reach out, take action. 

And with that came this sense of, wow, maybe what’s felt like “doing something wrong” was a lot less about me and a lot more about time, clutter, and overwhelm. You can have the most beautiful message, but if no one sees it or has time to read it, that’s a classic ships in the night scenario…

Then I read this

The greatest misconception among us, which causes deep and painful social and political tension every day in this country, is that we somehow don’t care about each other. White people don’t care about the problems of black America. Men don’t care about women’s rights. Cops don’t care about the communities they serve. Humans don’t care about the environment. These couldn’t be further from the truth. We do care. We just don’t have the time to do anything about it. Maybe that’s just me. But maybe it’s you, too. 

I think many of us care. We DO truly care. But there are only so many hours in the day. When your list of obligations outweighs the time available, you’re certainly going to have an even more difficult time adding on more. “We all have the same 24 hours a day as Beyonce”. I hate that quote. We are all humans with time available to us, but we all have different circumstances, and we might not have an entire team supporting us on our journey. BUT what I do know is the importance of identifying a few things:

  • everything is energy
  • we are all connected

  • Whatever or whoever you believe in, to me the above means that things are both more simple and more complicated than they seem. This is simple because it just shows that we have more control over things - our experiences (including time and how fast or slow it goes), our reactions, etc. - but at the same time that’s what makes it complicated. When you realize that you are both required to surrender AND take full responsibility for your energy, which ALSO impacts the entire collective, your full time job becomes managing your energy, your intentions, and your vibes.

    Since your energy matters and contributes to the collective energy, it is your job to go inward, to heal yourself, to be able to share GOOD VIBES with not only those around you, but the collective. Apart from the obvious sadness of this, one person hurting, even if in total isolation, is actually a detriment to our collective as a whole. One part of the planet hurting, one species hurting… that’s all of us hurting.

    I’ll save the energy, vibration, frequency rabbithole for another post or podcast episode, but for now, as I was sitting on those two concepts as we headed into shelter-in-place and the world started to shift beneath me, I felt both really light and heavy. Until it clicked. I have been familiar with Joe Dispenza’s work for quite a few years now, but never once did the phrase “more wave than particle” jump out at me. 

    The phrase “more wave than particle” is one used commonly by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his work in explaining how we are more energy than matter. “You’re more energy than matter, more wave than particle.” Meaning, it’s not really a 3D world and we are literally all connected by our vibrational-being-ness. 

    But when you look at this principle through a few different lenses, it can lend itself toward a whole host of incredible concepts.

    I’ll keep it simple. We are all connected. We are all particles of this massive collection of energy that we may never understand. We are all both at the cause and at the solution of the problems we’re in. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we heal the planet, we heal ourselves. Every little shift helps. Every micro-change IS A CHANGE.

    When you look at the universe, the planet, the country you’re in and zoom all the way into your own life experience, I hope you start to see that you matter, your experience matters, you are part of the whole, you are part of the solution - whatever the problem. You are more wave than particle.So while we can try to isolate and control, there’s an important concept to consider: BE MORE WAVE THAN PARTICLE.

    As you look at earth day, you can’t really do much in terms of going out and physically cleaning up mama nature, but I’m of the belief that she’s created this pause for us, so I think it’s our duty to look beyond the beach cleanups and look at HOW WE LIVE AS A WHOLE. 

    So, what can you do? Look for solutions for your heart, your lifestyle, your conversations. 

    Skip the single-use stuff, make your own, slow down and be present with your habits, be done with gossip, research how you can make eco-friendly swaps and choices, consider whether you’re consuming to consume or are participating in marketing / habits / beliefs that don’t align with your heart, check in on yourself, pray, and “send good vibes.” Do what’s best for you. Do what’s best for the whole. Ask for help. Go to nature - GO TO THE WATER. Offer help. Vow to let this “great pause” impact you for the better.Remember we’re in this together. Believe that you are and then be more wave than particle.

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    Design via Amanda Vick Creative - thank you, girl! 

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