Tips for Working with the Libra Full Moon (April PINK Supermoon)

April 08, 2020


Just after the sunset last night, the moon rose and it was huge and full and eerie and powerful. I stayed up way too late watching it -#worthit. From what I’ve learned and seem to be seeing, the entire astrology seems to be asking - what do we fear? What’s drastically out of alignment? As in, there’s some energy of “ya gotta break down to break through”.
So, instead of letting that feel heavy or scary, below I share some questions, suggestions.
Here are some other tools I use to get in the mood:
- SURRENDER playlist on spotify
- SOUL LOVE playlist on spotify
- Go to youtube and find a “solfeggio sounds + [insert any emotion / desired state]” video. I like this one. Or this one with whalesong
- Pour some wine or tea
- Light candles or incense. Burn some palo santo or sage. 
- You could also start this with some slow breathing, guided breathwork (I love Bree Melanson) or meditation, a walk or enjoy a brief yoga flow first. If you feel REALLY stuck in your feelings or head, try shaking things loose by trying The Class workout - this is GAMECHANGING.
- Pull a card, say a prayer.
- Put your phone on airplane
- Watch the Libra Full Moon forecast by your fave astrologer. Message me if you need suggestions or share your favorites in comments!
FLOW WITH IT, BABY. Grab a journal, and go...
- What are my pervasive thoughts & states? Right now during this stay-at-home situation? In general? In good times? In "not so good" times?
- If i like those, how can i access more? If I don’t like them, how can I phase them out?
- What is just a phase that I can or want to let go of?
- Is there a new goal / dream / soul nudge that’s come up or through?
- Is my life aligned with my heart / soul / purpose? what’s keeping me from the life aligned with my purpose / dreams / etc
- What have i accomplished in the past few weeks that I’m most proud of?
- What have i been affirming to myself - if they are negative, how can I uproot the negative thought and choose a positive affirmation instead. For ex - You’ve been saying “I’m lazy” and feeling guilt around it. Ask: is it just rest? Am I tired? I can give myself permission to slow down and do my best. Affirm: it’s safe for me to rest and I show up as my best self when I take the time to slow down.
- How can i reframe any negative things happening as opportunities for growth, solutions, healing, creativity?
This was also a Libra moon, so very much looking at relationships, balance, justice, fairness:
- What are some of your biggest emotional triggers? Inside a relationship or in general?
- What triggers throw off your inner balance (balance being a key libra theme)?
- What does inner balance look like?
- What, in general, is being illuminated for you in the state of your closest relationships (maybe even the ones in your “shelter-in-place” scenario) that only this situation would have brought to light?
Love you. Give yourself a hug. Give yourself grace. Drink more water.🙏🏻🌕💙🌊
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