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March 10, 2020


April 7 Update to the original March 10 post:

In the original post I noted "I have not given it added momentum, but instead I’ve just focused on improving my health as best I can. That’s not because I’m worried about this, but because I have a lot going on in my life right now that I want to be healthy and available for - so it’s imperative that I stay happy, healthy, and in my flow." 

And while much of that remains true, it's obviously not possible to ignore that what's happening around us is a big deal. I am not "worried" for my health, and I trust that what's meant to happen will, but I am taking all the precautions. I am distancing and isolating, I rarely leave my home, I wear gloves and a scarf (awaiting a mask) in public spaces, I wash many times per day, I take my clothes off by the door after being out, and I shower (including hair, and if you can cover your hair and put it in bun/braid if long, that's a suggestion). ALL OF THAT SAID, I maintain that the most important steps we can take outside of that are keeping our stress low and our immunity high. We can affirm our health, our physical resilience, and our calm state. 

Hypnosis for stress/overwhelm, immune boost, and money concerns. 

More alternative & western med COVID-specific updates and health tips- start at 10min mark.

More veggies: delish drinkable greens blend 

My high vibe & immune-boosting coffee routine:

Coffee/espresso of choice (I do 50-75% decaf) + nut milk of choice + mushroom powder + Moon Juice Spirit Powder + Marine Collagen + SIN Raw Honey.

I also added a number of these items listed above and in the suggestions below to my amazon shop that are both health & home-life related. While I don't want to place heavy emphasis or dependency on amazon vs. finding these things locally, most of these things are sold out locally. I do also get an affiliate commission, so if you shop from this link (and actually use it as your gateway to any amazon shopping, I am cut a small percentage):

Also pictured above: Great Lakes Ceramic MugSimple Eats Multi-Surface Cleaner, BYTA Water Bottle.


I’ve said it more than a few times, but nature truly is our best healer, on so many levels. Stay in your power right now and use the tools you have to keep yourself calm (reduced stress) and healthy so that no matter what flu, virus, person, thing tries to compromise your system, you have all that you need to stay well. When you have elevated cortisol levels - stress - your immune system isn’t functioning at its best because it’s thinking, “shit, are we about to get [eaten by tiger, separated from tribe, insert any primal stressor here because that’s how our bodies work].” So a big part of this, while obviously strengthening the immunity is REDUCING STRESS. 

I’m obviously not a doctor, but I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant since 2012, and I do have some methods to my maintaining my own health that I wanted to share. For context, I usually get one cold/flu/virus a year, and because I’m healthy and have this option, I like to ride it out to see how long it takes my system to fight it on its own. I tend to find that it’s generally a product of my stress levels, sleep quality, poor diet (low in nutrients), and a product of something else happening in my life. This is then good information for improving my process of staying healthy. 

As I think about coronavirus, I have not given it added momentum, but instead I’ve just focused on improving my health as best I can. That’s not because I’m worried about this, but because I have a lot going on in my life right now that I want to be healthy and available for - so it’s imperative that I stay happy, healthy, and in my flow. 

I know there are many who don’t share that same belief and to you, I offer a look at my routine for general stress reduction, combatting the effects of the stress that is there, and overall immune support. 

  1. Blue Mind - Nature is our healer. “Being on, in, and near water can be among the most cost-effective ways of reducing stress and anxiety.” There are one million (not a real stat) studies showing the power of nature, but specifically water, as a catalyst for health and reduced stress. River, lake, ocean, stream, pond. Photos of water. Youtube videos of water sounds. Imagining being by the water. These will all help. The book will rock you and change your life. Buy it. 
  2. Sun. This coronavirus we’re all hearing about right now does not survive higher temperatures. If it’s on skin or clothing, it may die off in sun exposure. Sunshine is also good for immune support, so that’s a double whammy of goodness. 
  3. Cold Swims/Showers. This flushes lymph, strengthens immune system and helps your system somewhat lessen the effects of what stresses do come through in this conditioning of, “if I can take the intense physical stress of cold water on my body - what should put me in fight or flight - and normalize it, I can also somewhat normalize (lessen the intensity) of the response to everyday stressors too, which also helps our immune system." 
  4. Drink More HOT Water. Drink more of any temp water. FLUSH IT OUT. Give organs what they need. An inside source to the Wuhan virus noted that while this is not a cure, drinking hot water & beverages consistently can not only kill this virus, but any others still active in the throat. If possible, avoid iced anything - that's also easier on your digestion, and therefore overall system. 
  5. Use what nature gives us. Eat things high in vitamin c and a range of other fruit and veggie super powers. Antioxidants, superfoods, mushroom powders. Nature has some pretty perfect ratios of key ingredients to help us stay healthy. Work to have an alkaline system by avoiding processed foods, dairy, gluten, SUGAR. I’m not going to link to things because you’ll find what speaks to you - and maybe there’s an alternative health care professional you may want to consult, but this is my situation.
    1. I make an AM/PM shot of: 1-2 tbsps organic lemon juice, one dropperful ashwagandha, goldenseal, and oil of oregano (tastes like hell). Add water to the top of the shot glass to soften the blow, and follow with a glass of hot lemon water. I do this most days, not just when I'm focused on immune support.
    2. Elderberry lozenges, juice, elixir - super potent.
    3. I take “Wellness Blend” tablets or oscillococcinum if I feel I’ve actually contracted something. You will burp oregano from the tablets - it's worth it.
    4. I also make my own capsules of a blend of 2 drops of Frankincense oil + 2 drops of a citrus of choice + 2 drops of lavender with a few drops of a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil or something to soften the intensity on my gut).
    5. If you don’t get veggies regularly, or they aren't the highest quality or you simply don’t wanna mess around with all the different options above, this is anamaazing greens blend that tastes totally pleasant mixed in just water and is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, all the things, really. 
  6. SLEEP MORE. Pro tip: Carve out longer than usual windows of time to rest, if you can. Meaning, don’t schedule activities close to bedtime or waking up. That way, you’re allowing yourself to ease into the sleep window and if you don’t fall asleep right away, you can be flexible with waking time. No phones. 
  7. Lymph + Sweat. Keep sweating, keep lymph moving. Google lymph massage, lymph yoga, or lymph acupressure based on what you’re up for. I like this one that’s all working on your hands. Come to in-store events that help with this - yoga & sound healing & cold swims!
  8. Use the power of your subconscious mind to help you. Affirm that you are healthy through self talk and not feeding into fear or imagining the worst. Stopping these thoughts in their tracks and instead completing the thought with one of the following. You have to actually believe them and get into the energy of them though, so if they do not resonate, start with the most neutral for you, likely, “I am grateful for the function of my strong immune system” or some version. There are thousands of lists, youtube videos, etc., going into this in more detail. 
    1. I am grateful for my strong immune system
    2. my body has all it needs to keep me healthy
    3. I am resistant to illness
    4. my immune system is in peak condition
    5. I am in vibrant health and deflect any illness
  9. Breathwork & misc woo that I swear by:
    1. (or google pranayam energizer and find someone doing it that you jive with)
    2. An entire playlist of healing frequency music:

What do the symptoms even look like?

  1. Sore throat first. Dry cough. NO RUNNY NOSE. Dry feeling for 3-4 days. 
  2. Then it will move to fluid in the lungs (5-6 days)
  3. Then potential for pneumonia if the system cannot support it - high fever and difficulty in breathing. 

Vegan noms after a recent in-shop sound healing. 

Post-cold swim blue mind & sunshine time. 


But also, DISCLAIMER! 

The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

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