Cleaning House | Simplifying Life With Multi-Use Products

January 29, 2020

In the second half of 2019 it felt so important for me to clean up my products and routines because not only was life feeling crazier than ever, but I was feeling pressure to walk the talk of what this brand preaches on a big level AND “cleaning house” in so many ways. I was moving into a new space and I was determined to only bring with me products and routines that fully supported myself and my brand. This led me to really focus on adding in products in the shop that were hitting these main points, too. 

I am a firm believer that in all contexts, it’s important to make changes that are practical in terms of efficacy, but also that make life simpler, happier, and more aligned with the version of the life you’re creating. 

We’ve obviously all read the studies of what toxic ingredients in our skincare and home products can do, but we’re also simply falling victim to brilliant marketing from companies telling us that we need xyz things to become xyz - they play to our ideals and desires. You can’t blame them - that’s business. But what you can do is be clear on what you want in your life, home, body, etc. 

This need for “more” creates all sorts of problems, the least of which is creating more waste and product packaging - putting more strain on mama earth. 

When you are able to consolidate some of the items you need, you may find that not only are your “needs” less than you thought, but your simplified routine feels more freeing and rewarding and safe than you thought it would:

  • Product: RedBudSuds. Uses: shampoo, conditioner, shave & body
  • Product: Daughter of the Land’s “The Oil”. Uses: hair, skin, face moisture.
  • Product: Simple Eats Counter Cleaner. Uses: multi-surface cleaner

When you consolidate products, you’re not making sacrifices for effects if you’re choosing right. 

It’s beautiful to see that the things that make life simpler also make it richer and are gentler on the environment. Living with intention often takes more time, especially when you’re working out the kinks in creating a flow with this lifestyle, but we’re firm believers that it’s worth it on all fronts.

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