Sunrise Resort + Presque Isle, WI

January 04, 2018

Sunrise Resort + Presque Isle, WI

I've been chatting with Jen on Instagram for months, and her sense of adventure and passion for Northern Wisconsin kept me closely tied to her little piece of the North, Sunrise Resort. While I just recently met her face-to-face at a Northerly Collective event, I feel like I know her due to her sincerity and support. I'd highly suggest booking a stay at her family's resort, but if you can't get away, the livestream from the resort lake-facing camera is a perfect cure for your daydreams of the Northwoods.

We the Behrendts, an outdoor loving family who as kids spent summers in the Northwoods of Wisconsin! It was our dream to own a small resort on a lake where we could share our love for Wisconsin and the outdoors with others. Last Fall we were fortunate through our network of friends and family to find Sunrise Resort in Presque Isle and decided to purchase and run the resort in an old school, unplugged manner like we loved as kids. We closed last April, have enjoyed our first Summer and now looking forward to our first winter as resort owners! 

We are loving being involved with the community, the Chambers in the area, EDCs and other groups as we try to build a beautiful legacy for the future!! Supporting our local friends and small businesses is a priority and we love our Lake Effect Co goodies and the fun pop ups and partnerships with Northerly Collective and others!

We are looking forward to a great 2018 with new fun and adventures!!


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