February 02, 2022

Because of our high standards for eco-responsibility, lower volumes (less waste), and cozy-factor, sourcing garments to print on has always been tricky. Add some global issues and we have had some intense challenges finding the right things to print on in the last few years. ENTER: thrifting. We were so stoked to finally find a printer that was willing to work with us and print on these slightly more complicated pieces.

What else makes thrifting great? 
- perfectly worn fabrics, soft and loved.
- the tiny holes, mini tears, hand-stitching, etc. that indicate a loved life already
- giving them a second wind and keeping them out of landfills!
- the FITS. Some of these fits are PERFECT. The labeling may be weird, and we are happy to help, but the fits are diviiiine.
- avoiding creating demand for virgin goods when these exist!


Where do you get the pieces from?

I source from former Lake Effect Co Marketing Assistant RKVintage as well as scouring Goodwill, ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, etc. 

How do the sizes run?

Older pieces generally run a bit smaller, but we do our best to size things as they FIT not as they are labeled. Always feel free to ask questions!

The only real problem is that once these things go, they're gone. One of a kind keeps things interesting ;) 


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