Let There Be Light | Spring Reflections

March 16, 2022

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My last update to you in January was a share about heading to the sunshine to work on healing my body and getting my "life force" back so that I could get back to my mission. My mission is varied and big, and very much focused on connecting more humans with their own inspiration, which I know for many is within nature.

And when I just said that, maybe you are scanning yourself for what your mission is. Yours is big, too. Whoever you are and whatever you are going through, your mission is an integral part of the whole. No matter what that role is, I hope you know that you are worthy of living that out and being supported, happy, and at peace as you do your thing. I'm such a believer in always having a support team at the ready, and right now this feels more important than ever. When the world around us — whether that's your community/family or at the global level — is throwing you a curve, it can feel altogether debilitating, but that is the time for you to use your inner and outer resources. Sometimes when reflecting on all that I've learned about and gone through, I realize it's often a lot less "for me" than it is about connecting others with those messages / tools, so if it feels right, please let me know (katherine@lakeeffectco.com) if there is something on your heart and perhaps I can send you to a resource or two. 

Why am I sharing about this right now?
The change of seasons this weekend AND the full moon (Friday) really always feels like a powerful time to evaluate what is and isn't working. Using these benchmarks, dates, and energies to audit and draw proverbial (or literal) lines in the sand can create just the shifts we're looking for. 

And on top of that, we've all been living a unique collective experience these last few years. Regardless of how your life has been impacted, chances are there have been moments of frustration, pause, confronting situations / people / emotions that have felt uncomfortable. Have you followed up there? Have you looked at what was trying to be worked through? I think THAT is a big part of this season / chapter. The peace that is available when we are willing to courageously look and then address what isn't serving our lives and our highest missions might just be the gamechanger. And when you are willing to sort through the shadow, perhaps we make space for more LIGHT.

That's for you to decide how you'll go in, but scroll all the way to the bottom for a few resources. AND OF COURSE, there's nothing like time near the water, in stillness, to help you find presence and calm and for many, to reconnect with their soul / spirit / faith / inspiration, which I find generally seems to be the point.

It's my wish for you, and for us all, that while/when things may seem dark, we continue to keep our solutions and our hopes moving towards the light. 

SUGGESTED READ: The Presence Process by Michael Brown. Don't let the concept of 15 minutes 2x/day deter you. This practice is so simple (though not easy), yet has been life-altering for me. 

This isn't just about money, but whatever THE THING is that you are working on. If you (or your subconscious mind) are not feeling safe, in this moment, you will likely not be able to reach those higher levels of whatever it is that you're working on. Safety is the very foundation of...most. DISCLAIMER: I do have a background and multiple certifications in mindset and emotional health modalities, but I am not a licensed mental health professional. I would highly suggest finding someone who can help you unpack this if it is resonating strongly or you have a history of trauma. If you need help understanding and trusting yourself, a dear friend of mine specializes in this area and has a program enrolling right now.
I like to use "messenger" instead of "guru," but the concept holds. When you are present and engaged with what the world is presenting AND your reaction to it, you have access to a steady stream of important information that can empower your life. What would designing a next season, A SPRINGTIME, of presence mean for you and require of you? 

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