We find ourselves in some interesting times. With each of our worlds shaken in a different way, it's normal to feel ALL SORTS OF THINGS. When we closed our Pewaukee shop doors for this period, we felt really called to shift into a mode of service to help you feel good. This means inspiring goods & content, and simply sharing our perspective to help you feel less [confused, scared, alone, guilty, whatever] and to help you shift into what you can do for yourself right now to shift into a higher vibration and place of gratitude. 

The products in this collection are carefully curated to help you achieve a sense of ease and create special moments. Think comfort, light, cozy, happy, healthy.

In the face of this virus, many of us across the world have shifted out of an eco-first mindset and into the ALL THE CLOROX WIPES mindset. And since this is very real, that’s still a valid point, check out these two articles to educate yourself on the topic. 1 - no single-use shame. 2 - let's not lose progress. That said, we still are focused on our responsible sourcing and eco-focused products. 

1. Consider a High Vibe & Healthy Bundle

2. FREE shipping continues. *That said, if you are in a position to contribute to shipping by choosing the $6 contribution at checkout, that is a huge help on our end.

3. Read and share our BLUE MIND IN PLACE blog - the power of the water isn't just "fun" it's a powerful healer at your disposal EVEN when you can't physically experience it.

4. If there is anything else we can provide during this time, please share. Meditations? Types of product? Social content? Conversation (I'm also a mindset coach and happy to chat and connect you with resources).