Giving Tuesday | People + Planet

December 01, 2020

For 24 hours on December 1, our giving moves from 3% to 15% for 24 hours. This means that Dig Deep Org (Navajo Right to Water Project), Flow - For Love of Water, and the NAACP are getting 5% each of purchases made. If you independently make a donation over $30 to one of those orgs, or any other that provides environmental or BIPOC support/initiatives, we'll give you a 30% OFF pass for the shop instead. Email us a copy of the confirmation of your gift (must have been made within the past 30 days). We'll also share a few orgs in our stories on Instagram that are doing matching, as in, double the impact.

It’s my prayer that each of us have room in our hearts to offer compassion for all who need us now: people + planet.

If you support and engage with us, chances are giving is in your DNA, too. I know you know our gratitude for you: it’s always a joy to connect with you and you enable our mission! If you’re paying attention to that mission, you know giving is at our core - to organizations that support the lakes we love and the humans who live on this planet. We do this through giving 3-5% of our sales, depending on what we are able to financially. This is also seen in the products we carefully source - paying attention to the humans who made them and the planet that provides the resources for us to do this.

THANK YOU for your support over the weekend and especially today!

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