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Zen at Home | Tips for Wellness in 2021

January 16, 2021 5 min read

Zen at Home | Tips for Wellness in 2021

Life has been presenting us with a lot lately. Even with many tools at my disposal to help me stay focused on seeing through eyes of gratitude, I cannot ignore a lot of heartache, a lot of confusion, a lot of noise, a lot of stress both within me, around me, and on a collective scale. 

While it appears there is a lot of change taking place, and I don't want to lean too far into my hunches, I still feel we're going to be working through a lot more of them in time to come.

Since we're also at home more, and since we're adjusting to creating lives even more intentionally around our values and the guidelines, it only makes sense that the place where we are likely spending more time (with or without those we love nearby), is a zone of respite, peace, and support. We want to feel zen at home. 

Simply put, when your system does not feel safe and you’re in a stress response, you are not accessing the full capability of your immunity, your creativity, or the overall sense of life enjoyment available to you.

To assist with this, we've put together a second collection of goods carefully curated to help you achieve a sense of ease and create special moments. Think comfort, light, cozy, happy, healthy. In addition, I’ll also provide a list of resources that I have leaned heavily on in the past year or longer. 

When it feels like there are so many things to focus on: environmental issues, social justice, public health, individual health, mindfulness/mental health, it's easy to want to pick one and forget the rest. I'm just going to boldly say that I feel if that's your approach, I think you are missing out on some of the impact available in this season. These items intersect whether we want to look at it or not. While we don't need to champion all of them at once, keeping an eye on all of them, making space to include them in your strategies/conversations/education, and envisioning progress in each of them DOES feel important.

As a company, we are still focused on our responsible sourcing and eco-focused products. We are still focused on items that make you feel connected to nature, the healing power and the adventure of it. We are still focused on supporting small businesses aligned with our mission for people and planet. We are still focused on helping you find tools that support your overall wellness - a routine not incorporating the holistic view and countless benefits of nature, namely water, is incomplete. 

Products to create ZEN @ Home.

Most of these items and new arrivals are also found here

Responsibly-Foraged Burn Bundles. Magic of I Journals. LAKE DAY Hoodie.

Magic of I Dream Journal.

Blue Sage Boutique Candles. Eco-cozy Joggers. Inner Compass Self Love Cards.

Natural PEACE Hoodie. Also available in a tea towel (pictured below) & a ladies tee

Mae Stier's "Letters to Lake Michigan" poem prints & book. BYTA beverage tumbler. Magic in the Water items.

Cabin Fever items. Ritual Journal.

Create intentional habits for different spaces in your home. One approach would be to create anchors/habits that are location-based. For example, leave the bedroom for sleeping. Eat meals in the kitchen. Relax on the couch. Spiritual work at xyz corner of the bedroom. Your subconscious will start to associate spaces for various activities, which may lessen the resistance to certain things. This also helps you find variety in a more limited range of locations - use your spaces! Find inspiration by “trying out” how you feel doing/being in different parts of your space.

  • But first, get organized. If that’s not your strength, hire someone to help you tackle clutter and find solutions. My sister is the owner of Pieces Into Place a local, professional home organizer -- she's highly Virgo ;) (I WOULD KNOW), so obviously she’s my suggested person. She also consults over zoom. Keep in mind that a cluttered space can create a lot of inner chaos, too.
  • Speaking of the energy of your spaces, let's talk about feng shui. I’m not an expert, but Dana is.
  • Sounds & energy. I’m just going to say it: turn off the news for at least a little bit each day and enjoy some music, sounds, etc., that uplift you and make space for your own energy to dominate. When we’re constantly consuming the energy of others, we leave no space for our own. This is especially draining if you are empathic - make your own thoughts, emotions, energy the priority and only add in consuming the energy/words of others once you are “ok”.

Return to NATURE.

  • Yes, we can do this even outside of warm months. Bring plants into your home (we have some in the shop). Create a conscious relationship with them - plants respond to energy as well as help you with yours. If you ignore them, you can expect nothing in return. :) 
  • Working with floral and plant tinctures, teas, etc. Reach out to me for a consultation. 
  • SUN. If the sun is out, please find a few moments of sunscreen-free sun-on--the-face-time. Let you  body tell you when it’s had enough of the cosmic rays - we all know its POWER, can we believe that some of that is available as healing power?
  • Sunlight meditation: it’s so important to envision sunlight in arguably the toughest, dark months. 
  • WATER. Drink more. We’re all dehydrated. 
  • Read the BLUE MIND IN PLACE blog - the power of the water isn't just for "fun" - it's a powerful healer at your disposal EVEN when you can't physically experience it.
  • Bring the outside in: rocks, stones, shells, plants, driftwood. Get creative.

Take care of your BODY. 

Here is a post I wrote about immunity (shared last spring and based on what we did and didn't know) but so much of that is foundational info. One thing that I am constantly upset and shocked by is how little attention is paid to IMMUNE HEALTH during the past year. If there is some sort of threat, isn't our best defense our own natural immunity? So, regardless of what you do and don't believe about this virus, any virus, medical or other approaches to health, there's one thing that I BELIEVE (this is my opinion and my truth) we can influence, and it's our immunity and overall health. In addition to the items in the blog post, I also follow various immune fasts and protocols via Nona Nutrition (Pewaukee, WI) as well as simply do my best to eat more fruits and veggies. Fruits alone (independent and outside of meals). Veggies whenever and however. 

Sweat daily. Go for a walk. Do pushups and squats. There are so many online options if you're still not doing gyms/fitness spaces, but you can work up a sweat without having to leave home. Sweat pushes toxins out and gets your lymphatic system activated. That reduces the amount of work your body needs to do to keep you operating at an optimal level.

Get support. 

Therapy? Coaching? Yoga? Breathwork? Journaling? Spirituality? Community? Can you find people outside of your home environment to talk to so as to take these conversations beyond the walls of the space/humans you’re spending so much time with? I am a mindset mentor and have offerings in this area if you want that sort of support. I would love to provide further guidance but doing so in this space without a conversation and consent feels a bit off. I also have connections in each of those other areas and well beyond, so please do not be shy in asking for what you need!

I know you’re sick of them, but zoom family chats and distanced-walks are still effective. 

If there is anything else we can provide during this time, please share in comments below or by emailing crew@lakeeffectco.com. Types of product? Social content? Conversation?

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