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Episode 5 - Forgiveness + Water Energy

November 13, 2019 3 min read

Episode 5 - Forgiveness + Water Energy

It’s getting to that time of year again, and if you’re someone who is feeling any heaviness, sadness, resentment, or apprehension heading into this holiday season this episode is so here for you. 

This past week I’ve been stuck in a resentful state around holiday consumerism and it wasn’t until I forgave myself and those who were causing this inner extra-emo state that I was finally able to shift my energy and recommit myself to what I know to be true.

In this episode I share my Change Your Vibrational Energy Journaling Ritual that allowed me to become present to these thoughts and emotions, forgive and interrupt the negativity, and finally move my energy back to a higher vibrational state.

Sending you lots of love as we head into a very emotionally triggering season for many.

Change Your Vibrational Energy Journaling Ritual

Before you begin ask your subconscious mind to acknowledge anything that is keeping you from being present and clear minded in this moment. Either take a few moments to write down anything that comes up or simply thank your subconscious for keeping you safe and prepared for everything that you do, but know that you can let these thoughts go for now, because they will come back when the time is right. 

Surrender to the experience of exploring your emotional state, especially heading into the holiday season. 

Forgive whatever comes up, and know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and give yourself grace and gratitude for showing up for yourself right now.

  • How do I talk to myself? 
  • With Gentleness? Am I kind? Would I talk to my best friend this way? Would I talk to a child this way? 
  • Are there any unresolved issues, relationships or general conflicts in my life?
  • Where am I at cause for them - meaning, if I truly take a deeper look, is there something I’m allowing to happen? Am I inviting this conflict in due to something I’m struggling with? 
  • Is there someone or something - in the above conflict or not - that I should forgive?
  • Is there a physical ailment, symptom or situation going on for me that may be an indication of some lower vibration energy that needs my attention?
  • What are my dreams and visions for my life? 
  • How does my life look compared to how I want it to look? 
  • Is there something I’m at cause for here that I should be paying attention to?
  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I ask myself if there’s something that I need. Don’t overthink it, your subconscious has the answers. 
  • What are some of the most persistent and common emotions you experience?
  • Do we like those emotions? If yes, celebrate that. If not, what are the ones we want to feel?
  • What are things we can do in the next season, or always, that help us access that state?
  • Going into the holidays, are there some boundaries you can put up that will allow you to protect your emotional state. 

Thanks for joining me for another episode and for a little reminder that 

There’s power in our stories. There’s magic in the water.

In this episode, I muse about:

  • Staying present in the holiday season and bringing ourselves back to committing to what we know to be true
  • How disease is influenced by our emotional scale
  • How water shows us how our vibrational energy affects us at a cellular level
  • How forgiveness interrupts negativity and allows us to move better vibrational energy

Join the Conversation

A weekly podcast is great, but the conversations that happen after keep this fun going.

This week’s question is:

Question: How could forgiveness bring ease into this holiday season?

Resources from the Episode

In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

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