November 27, 2019

I’d been going in circles, coincidentally once you see this design, in my head about the concept of how we are both so impacted by nature and our very existence impacts hers, too. The more I dive into this concept of nature, mostly water, as our healer, and see all the links and intricacies yet simplicities of how nature is guiding us, I knew I wanted to create focus around this. I wanted to embody the concept of, “we're holding nature in our hands and yet, mother nature is holding us in hers” I shared that with someone on my team and quickly followed it up with, “is that too emo?” The answer is no. I knew that. I downplay the emotionality of that, but the emotionality of that is REAL for me. So here we are. 

We’re so excited to launch our HARMONY design, which embodies this feeling perfectly.

Magic of I Vegan Leather Journal. FLOW Keytag. HARMONY items

The human for the job was Cam Watts of Woo Woo /

In Cam’s words: “The intention for this design was to illustrate the harmonious nature between humankind and the earth. When we recognize that we are in fact not separate from one another, that we are made of the same stuff, from the same source, we start identifying as nature itself. Our breath flows in and out like the waves of the ocean. With clean water and sunlight we thrive like plants. When we live in harmony with the planet and care for the planet, the planet cares for us. We are held, like the hands and waves suggest in the art work. And we flow like a wave effortlessly through existence, in perfect balance with the way of all things. When we are in flow, we are simply nature being nature."

A few ways we live this message:

  • Plan ahead with food and beverage needs for the day. Say no to single-use, even if we’re offered a bottle of water. 
  • Honor the lunar cycle, seasons, etc., and instead of pushing our own desires/agenda, using that energy to find a flow. 
  • Spend more time outdoors, in nature, by the water. The implications of this in terms of health and a general compulsion to live more eco-responsibly have a massive impact on your life and a ripple effect on the lives of others. 
  • Do your homework about brands and initiatives that you support. Do they care about carbon footprint? Do they care about anything?
  • Instead of seeking more, instant gratification at the expense of mother nature, can you be grateful for what you have and “sleep on it” before taking action?

We wanted to launch this design at the start of the holidays because this is a season when flow, harmony, and giving love to and receiving love from mother nature is of utmost importance. 

More about Cam:

From humble beginnings growing up on a small island within another small island called New Zealand, to living the big wig advertising agency life in London and around the world - I came to realize that the world didn't need another creative persuading someone to buy an Audi or order Uber Eats. What the world needs is more creatives helping to shift culture through raising consciousness not raising consumerism. So that's the mission I'm on. Taking my craft I've honed through agency life as an art director, and bridging it with my path of spiritual awakening. The teachings I am always exploring from the great gurus and the downloads I receive in the stillness of mediation are used as fuel for me to reimagine through art and design for Woo Woo.

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