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Behind the Design | Stones & Crystals

December 17, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

Behind the Design | Stones & Crystals

As a little one, I couldn’t walk a shoreline, trail, beach without collecting rocks, shells, and any little treasures I could get my hands on. Some things never change, and as an adult, I’m the girl with crystals in her pockets, rocks clanging in cupholders of the car, and even have a Charlevoix stone as my phone’s pop-socket. I could spend hours in any rock shop and recently finding my childhood rock collection, and finding it’s very similar to the collection I’d recently found myself drawn to, was mind blowing. As a watery-vibe human, I think for every time I’ve drawn to the water, my core also seeks to ground me - hence the rocks. And not just for this subconscious reason, but I’ve always found mystery in the idea that these pieces of matter have witnessed so much and tangibly HOLD so much. What stories, magic, history, and healing do they hold? That’s for each of us to decipher - sometimes you just know what’s for you. 

As I complemented the in-house apparel in the Lake Effect Co. shop, rocks made a quick appearance, both available for purchase and as display in the shop. 

Aggie B Bracelet Jewlery

We offer a collection of crystals - raw and polished, bracelets made in our neighborhood of Hartland with natural stones paired with carefully sourced charms, and crystal pendant necklaces crafted in Green Bay, WI. 

These intentionally selected pieces are a great way for you to offer yourself, or others, what you’re feeling called to. Whether you, or someone you know, is going through something significantly challenging or you’re always on the lookout for something that will keep your XYZ emotion, there’s a stone for that. 

We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below, but we invite you to join us in the shop to peruse our selection, browse our encyclopedias of stones that can help you make an informed decision OR just choose what speaks to you - often THAT is truly what your body or soul requires. Welcome in the magic. 



Compassion, peace, and healing. Rose quartz opens the heart, allowing you to give and embrace more of the love around you. It turns negativity into positive energy and restores trust and self-worth by purifying the heart and deepening connections & compassion for others. 


With its connection to the water, aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors for protection and calmness while traveling the seas. It’s still used to find calmness today in emotions and communication - especially public speaking! - and its water element vibration encourages one to evaluate emotional patterns and let go of negative energy. 


Blue lace agate has supportive & protective properties that boost confidence and clarity, promoting positive change in emotional patterns and communication. Its low-intensity vibrations provide a sense of stability and strength that encourage new methods of self-expression and intention setting. 


Known as the happiness stone, crazy lace agate provides support, encouragement, and optimism to the wearer or holder. It strengthens the body and mind to achieve a more grounded state and promotes self-confidence and spiritual growth. 


Onyx is known as the Warrior Stone for its protective and calming properties. This stone restores rational thinking and encourages reflection and release of old habits and phobias. Onyx allows for more meaningful life experiences by healing and balancing all chakras and encouraging the wearer to live freely in the moment.


Sunstone’s warm energy brings joy & creativity to those who wear it. This stone harnesses the power of the sun to bring light into the mind and energize all chakras. Sunstone is known as a joyful stone that promotes optimism and enthusiasm and creates a healthy emotional balance in life. 


Amazonite is known as the Stone of Courage & Truth. It promotes emotional balance, which calms the mind and leads to clear communication of thoughts. This stone empowers the wearer to follow their beliefs and values, and it also blocks geopathic stress - aka, cell phone emanations and electromagnetic pollution!


White turquoise is a strengthening stone that balances and purifies energy, promoting feelings of self-acceptance and positivity. It helps with flow and clarity in communication, and its association with all chakras creates a deep spiritual connection. 


The Logic Stone, the Poet’s Stone, the Stone of Creatives, the Stone of Truth. Sodalite brings a calming energy to the mind that inspires creativity and rationality. This stone opens the mind of the wearer or holder to examine thoughts and emotions, leading to clear, focused communication and an enlightened outlook on life. 


Jade is a powerful stone that promotes a deep connection with the mind and body. Its cleansing properties remove toxins from the body, guard against illness, and aid in cellular restoration. Jade brings a confident, calming energy that soothes emotions and creates a greater sense of self-assuredness and growth. 


Quartz is the most versatile stone and can be used for any positive intention! Each quartz crystal is unique and amplifies its own energy, as well as the energies of other stones. Quartz is considered a master healing crystal that cleanses the soul and creates a greater sense of harmony, positivity, and growth in the holder’s life.

Aggie B Stone and Crystal Bracelets

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