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Year Three Reflections | A Million Sunsets Chased

December 20, 2019 3 min read

Year Three Reflections | A Million Sunsets Chased

It’s only now dawned on me the NON-irony of launching Lake Effect Co on the winter solstice three years ago. Because the solstice marks the day that we start getting more sunlight - as the earth starts to slowly tilt back on the axis, leaning in to receive more of the sun’s rays. I love all the seasons, truly, but I connect best with the water, and myself, when I can be in it, which means the warmer parts of the year tend to be my favorite. So with solstice - paired with the festive energy of holiday celebrating - there’s this nostalgic hope and excitement for all that’s happening and all that’s to come.

Lake Effect Co Shop Interior Pewaukee Wisconsin

And while it’s true that I’m already excited for something six months out, I am fully appreciative of what’s happening right now. Late dawn. Early sunset. The sun’s path means I get to enjoy it every day. It hangs low, it moves fast, it throws epic shadows. There’s so much to appreciate here. 

In thinking through that, I realized that right there, that is Lake Effect Co. Embracing the beauty of the moment, honoring the high and low tides, celebrating where we are while still looking ahead to all that’s on the horizon. I’m not just talking about what the brand means, I’m talking about year three and looking at what Lake Effect Co will do and mean in the next year, and decade. 

There was a big shift that happened this year - whether it was visible or not, it was huge behind the scenes. And, while the buildup was months long, it fully activated on the summer solstice. That’s when I realized I wanted to be serious about opening the Pewaukee shop. That’s the weekend I sat down and wrote a few million words about how I could show up in the brand to provide greater value both to humans and to the earth. This kicked off a chain of events that brings us to now, planning events, content, merchandise that aligns with who we are: a brand designed to connect you with what you love, help you to celebrate it, and ultimately recognize that the healing powers of our beloved water - through inspiration, beauty, and adventure - are worth going the extra mile for in terms of protection. We’ve added a heavy dose of conscious living and consumption content. We’ve suggested you begin to look into your lifestyle - does it fill you up and lead towards a longer term vision you’re excited to build? As I’ve settled further into my identity, I’ve allowed the business to follow suit and it’s felt all the more special, connected, and impactful.  

Lake Effect Co Store Pewaukee WI Lake Day Hats Shirts

My highlight reel for this year of business includes dozens of magical sunsets from the Pewaukee shop and other lakescapes, converting to nearly 100% responsibly-made products (still have 2-3 lingering styles we’ll replace in 2020), inspiring conversations with shoppers online and in the store, complementing our line with conscious makers from across the USA, an emotional Blue Mind discussion, adding staff/support to operations and loving time with them growing the vision, post-yoga coffee talk, adding beautifully aligned shops to our list of stockists, attending pop-ups and markets in Michigan and locally allowing me to reach new eyes and connect with new lake-lovers, launching the All Tides Podcast, and the ever-appreciated support, feedback, and kind words from supporters, shoppers, friends (old and new), and family. 

Katherine of Lake Effect Co at the Pewaukee shop

We’re honored that you’ve been on board for the journey! I have a hunch that year FOUR will bring changes that create a brand, an experience and impact that empowers us to realize there’s magic in the water and in each of us.  

Connect with us now and moving forward:

  • Join us in the shop Saturday 12/21 for 8:30 yoga or a pop-up featuring our friend Yield Bakehouse. We'll also have Myrrh & Merlot organic lip balms, immune-boositng samples from Chiropractic and Wellness on Pewaukee Lake, and locally foraged goods from SIN - Sourced in Nature. Stay for snacks, surprises, sales and sunset. We’re open til 6 but later if we’re having too much fun. 
  • Send us a 30-60 second audio clip of your top water highlight of the year - we want to celebrate all of the magic that 2019 brought us. We’ll choose a few to compile into an All Tides Podcast released around NYE.
  • Donate any amount to FLOW through the Patagonia Action Works 100% match) by 12/31 (and show us) and receive 25% off your LEco purchase.https://www.patagonia.com/actionworks/grantees/flow-for-love-of-water/
  • Subscribe to our newsletter or follow on social media for events coming in 2020 - we have so much good already in the works. 
Katherine of Lake Effect Co. Chasing More SunsetsLake shore waves
Great Lakes Coastal View
Great Lakes surfing
Great lakes sunset

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