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IS now the time to care about eco-consciousness?

THANK YOU for being here. Rising water levels on the Great Lakes. Plastics in the water. Microplastics everywhere - including in our food. These issues, among dozens of others including pandemics that indicate that our fragile planet is hurting, are calling for our attention. It’s easy to ignore this when there’s a pandemic going on, or you’re focused on getting by, but there are ways to respect and respond to all topics. Small steps. Responsible lifestyle changes. No plastics. Staying connected to nature - respecting her rhythms. Focusing on your overall health - immunity, reduced stress, etc. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again and again and again - happy, healthy people do more good. 

So let's create positive momentum towards changing how we impact the planet. The collective is open to change right now because let's face - some things are broken and the chance for fresh starts is upon us.  The conversation is alive. 

Next comes action. Below you'll find a collection of stories, tips + products that support the Earth, thus empowering you on your quest to do good for the planet, waters, and humans you love!