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September 20, 2019

It’s been some time since I’ve taken more than an Instagram caption to let you know what’s happening behind the scenes. If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know It’s common for me to have a few epiphanies a year, and I do usually share one or two of these big moments with you on the blog. It’s always felt aligned for me to be as transparent as I can. This will be one of those...

As we approach our third birthday in a few months - the day we confidently, probably naively pushed “publish” on our very first site - it’s been wild thinking through all that I’ve personally learned and the ways the business has changed, too. 

The biggest, most visible changes to me might not be visible in our business quite yet, so I want to spell them out a bit. 

I’m recommitted to all things eco-consciousness and I’m really into the concept of water as your healer. That natural connection so many of us feel is actually the healing miracle of our cells returning to their natural vibrational alignment - there’s a scientific backbone to why we feel that there’s magic in the water. With that, the state of our water and entire world ecosystem is so in limbo based on what we do from this point. We can move forward thoughtlessly or we can support the planet that simply gives to us without question...

The best way to ensure we take care of the resources that we rely on? To me, that’s by reminding you why you love it so that you want to take care of it. To help you make the connection that heals you. When something is important to you, you fiercely protect it. This also takes shape in the products we offer. We’re having items custom cut, we’re paying higher amounts to ensure that we’re going beyond “just passing inspections” in terms of the standards of human and environmental impact. We’re sourcing products that make it easier for you to live eco-consciously and inspired - produce & grocery bags, BLUE MIND signed copies, BYTA water bottles, etc.

Eco Friendly Mesh Produce Bags

I am fully on board to grow community both in real life and online. We are investing, constantly, in time growing our online community and investing, constantly, in planting roots in our physical one - Pewaukee, WI. We’re working on what the next phase looks like for this, but we are in love with our lakeside spot and are fine-tuning the details on our one year lease. We are staying and we are so grateful for the massive support that’s brought us to this point. 

Celebrate and grow our team. We have employees! This team has grown in the most beautiful ways. The universe delivers the right people at the right moments when you believe it will, and I’ve been so fortunate to see that happen time and again. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I could do xyz for this business and it would not only fulfill my soul’s purpose but elevate the business,” then please email us. We are open to collaboration. We are open to big-hearted, dedicated humans. 

BYTA Reusable Water Bottles

My dreams for this brand have never been more clear, more fueling, or more potentially impactful. What we’re currently doing is beautiful, and where I’m excited to take things is wildly exciting to me. This is why I’m here on this earth: to inspire you, by your own connection and healing through the water, to live a life that’s eco-conscious and one where you feel confident that you can thrive in all tides. Happy people do more good. That's why I started this brand. That's why you're here - because you believe in that, too. 

To follow that flow, and to potentially be a bit too emotional with you, so much of my life has felt very confusing, and I only ever dreamed that I’d find a moment where I’d fully understand my purpose. All the strange things I’ve learned and loved and experienced now make sense. I’ve been on a quest to understand and find these answers, and while this path has taken me to some strange places, and still does, I embrace those parts of the story as crucial turning points, moments of growth that have ultimately been experiences I’m so grateful for. Timeout to mention that I am a Scorpio, so that sense of seeking a deeper understanding about just about everything tends to come with the territory, but even the fact that I’m a Scorpio makes sense. It is a water sign, meaning at home in the water, drawn to the water, and when not totally in balance, probably not as grounded and stable as one might want to be. I’ve known this. I’ve honored this. But I’ve proceeded on embracing that it has ultimately felt so good to just go with this watery flow. While the practicality and circumstances may have ebbed and flowed, the vision for why Lake Effect Co exists is like Tahoe clear...

And then...about a year ago I had a vision of what my life just might look like if I stepped into the pieces that felt like the truest sense of who I understood myself to be. I almost hesitantly wrote this vision down. Could I truly pursue this? And as of the last few months, it’s began to come full circle. The overwhelming gratitude for stepping into my purpose and being able to live it and pursue it in a way that only slightly changes and truly, exponentially adds to the course of operations within Lake Effect Co truly, cheesily, BLOWS MY MIND. 

So, welcome to Lake Effect Co! As we head into our first brick & mortar full year and round out year three, a massive thank you for your patience, your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your heart, your generosity, your willingness to support a human (and now a few more coming along for the ride with me) living her truth and a business supporting a cause. Ultimately, I hope your support of this business draws you closer to yourself too. Do you love the water? Spend more time there. Do you have a passion that’s been on your brain? Chase it. Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, pain, lack of purpose? Be brave and seek the solution(s) that works for you - wherever that path may lead you. And I hope that path leads you to the water, because she is our greatest teacher, healer, relief.

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