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April 20, 2019

Spring at the lake can mean a lot of things. While there still might actually be ice on your lake, and in which case we’ll just consider that a winter lake day, for the rest of us, the ice is off, and it’s time to start taking advantage of our beloved lakescapes.

Leave no trace + leave it better than you found it.

As the snow and ice disappear, what’s often left behind is a ton of waste, including massive amounts of microplastics that have filtered their way to the shoreline.

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Leave it better than you found it

Leave no trace is great, but what if you left it better than you found it? Clean up after your forgetful neighbors and come in with all your own multi-use products (aka, leaving no trash or recycling). Ever heard of a zero-waste kit? Now’s the time to make one and keep in your car: bamboo utensil setbeeswax wrap, bamboo reusable napkin, etc. This also means stay on marked roads and trails. They are there for a reason and your tires and tracks may cause harm.


Let Mother Nature work her magic

Plan your visit around the sunrise/sunset, weather patterns/forecasts, and critter-life. If it’s breeding season, let the animals have their space. If the sun is coming up, let the inspiration kickstart your day. If the temps are brisk, wait until the sun is high and let that warm you as you enjoy time outside.

Find a Wetsuit

Don’t let the chilly water temps keep you from perfect conditions. Imagine all the extra surfing, paddling, skiing, swimming, etc., you’ll be able to enjoy before things get crowded. Options, including a changing towel + hood here.


Stay flexible.

It’s important to have a plan but be willing to let it go. It’s easier to be less wasteful if you know where you're going, know what you'll be eating, where your water is coming from, etc. but there’s plenty of fun by living in the moment and watching what unfolds if your plans go astray.

Just GO

Okay, you’ve prepped enough. If you’re dragging your feet, just tell yourself that you’re ready, and while it’s easy to make excuses about weather, schedules, etc., the world needs more people lit up from their lives. Fill your time with the things that make you happy. Give back to the earth and others and watch the favor be returned to you: GO, SEE, DO, BE!




Spring Lake Day Tips


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