How to Pack Your Beach Bag for a Lake Day

February 26, 2019

LUCKY YOU! You’re going on an adventure. Yes, it’s important to have all you need, but it’s also important to be practical about what youactually need. If you have too much, not only are you lugging that around, but it’ll make it harder to find what you need.


LAKE DAYS or days near any body of water are meant to be fully lived. Skiing, sailing, swimming, surfing, paddling, buzzing, napping, reading, fishing, tubing, splashing, snacking…


Let’s start first with the bag you’re bringing - while we have a few favorites and are in the midst of having a new waterproof bag produced (make sure you’re on our newsletter to be the first to know when it’s available), we do have a trusty cotton version with the perfect size and pocket placement. Once you have your bag, let’s start filling it with the necessities.

flag boat tote canvas bag


A few favorite pieces of gear:


We’ve compiled all you might need for a full Lake Day as a downloadable/printable PDF that is hugely helpful for travel. Reduce the prep stress and spend more time living large on the lake.


And while these may be helpful, be sure to leave space for joy - aka less things to distract you. This may take the shape of more connection with the people you’re with.


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