Episode 10 - Contract To Expand

December 19, 2019

This solstice Saturday we are celebrating Lake Effect Co’s 3 year anniversary, and while I had an idea of what I wanted to do with this podcast episode and this milestone, I'm actually going to talk about something totally different.

In last week’s episode when I shared all the events coming up, both in and out of the store, I knew that I was going to call upon all of my effort to make it through. That wasn't untrue and I've been a bit beat up as a result. It turns out Intentional December taught me that I actually need to be more intentional with my time - that I have a lot to learn about energy dynamics and how stuffing my calendar and mind (and not allowing a true contraction or clearing of what's happening in my headspace) doesn't lend well for expansion.

So, in this episode, I walk through my personal experience with contraction/expansion and my decision not to act until there is enough quiet and downtime to be sure it’s truly what I should be saying and doing. This episode I am sharing my contraction, my hard look within myself, so that I can return and expand with intention.

You know what you need. Expand and contract accordingly.

In this episode, I muse about:

  • How cold water helps us reset our systems when we are stressed and in a low vibrational state
  • Leaving intentional space for ourselves
  • Planning with intention instead of reacting with frantic and stressful energy
  • Allowing yourself to contract and look within yourself so that you can expand with intention 

You know what you need. Expand and contract accordingly. 

Resources from the Episode

In this episode, I mentioned the following quotes and resources:

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